An Important Notice About Backing Up Your PocketBible Data File

Posted on: September 15th, 2006 by Craig Rairdin 1 Comment

We all know how important it is to regularly back up our PCs to prevent data loss in the event of unexpected circumstances. The data on your Pocket PC is no less subject to program errors and hardware crashes that could cause you to lose important PocketBible notes, bookmarks, or highlights.

We have just been made aware of a problem in PocketBible 3 that has the potential of causing some of your highlights to be lost. One employee here has seen this happen, but we haven’t been able to duplicate it on anyone else’s Pocket PC. Because of this, we suspect (but haven’t confirmed) that the problem may be limited to Windows Mobile 5 devices or to certain hardware configurations. We know for a fact that it can’t be reliably duplicated by simply following the same steps on two different devices. And we know that if this problem was frequently occuring we would have heard from a large number of customers about it, but we haven’t.

Until we figure out what’s going on, we would encourage you to make regular back-ups of your PocketBible highlight data, which is stored in a file called Laridian Data.db in My DocumentsLaridian Books on your Pocket PC.

Complete details on backing up this data file can be found in our Knowledgebase. Click here to go directly to the article, or do the following:

  • Go to
  • Select the Windows Mobile Pocket PC link
  • Select Knowledgebase from the Help Desk menu at the top of the page
  • Select “CE Navigation of Application”
  • Select “CE PocketBible”
  • Select “PocketBible 3”
  • Select “How do I backup and restore my PocketBible data?”

We will be sending an email to all PocketBible 3 owners to let them know about this potential problem. Again, we don’t think it’s a widespread or common issue, but since it has the potential of causing user-created data to be lost, we feel obligated to keep you informed about it even if you may never encounter the problem.

When we fix this problem and release an update, we’ll inform you in two ways: First, we’ll post a message here in the blog to let you know. Second, we’ll send an email to everyone on our Pocket PC Email List. This email list is separate from our list of PocketBible customers. It is a list we use to announce product updates and critical tech support issues. To subscribe to the list, go to and choose PPCList.

One Response

  1. Bert Bowden says:

    I’ve had it happen also on my sprint ppc6700. I was highlighting in John and boom, through revelation was highlighted. i changed highlight colors and that didn’t do it. I used white highlight and then it didn’t show up, but I had to go through each chapter to fix it. I finally ended up deleting the laridian data.db and all highlights were gone. I didn’t have but about 15 or so, but it is a good idea to back that up.


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