How do I find the maps and illustrations that are included with the ESV Study Bible on my iPhone?

Posted on: May 19th, 2011 by Michelle Stramel 1 Comment

One of the great features of study Bibles is all the extra reference information they provide but we sometimes get questions like this on how to locate them in PocketBible. Our answer to this question will apply to any of our study Bibles with extra features like maps, illustrations, charts, etc.

To find maps in a study Bible, you can use the Search feature in PocketBible and search on “maps” to find a list of maps. You can search on the word “chart” to find charts. For illustrations, search “see illustration” to find those.

You can also use the “GoTo” menu option and scroll through the Table of Contents for any book as they may have these extra study helps listed separately or indexed.

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  1. Bev N says:

    Thank you for this Tip and for the “back” button tapping the back button makes it easy to go back to the text.

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