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Posted on: June 14th, 2011 by Michelle Stramel 14 Comments

Recently a customer sent in a feature request for PocketBible for iPhone that I thought was a great idea. He asked that we add a button on the toolbar so he could easily switch to a split screen with two books and then back again.

Shortly thereafter I was reading through the PocketBible Help book (not something I do often enough evidently) and discovered that we already have that feature! Simply hold down any place on the screen while you have PocketBible open and a context menu pops up that includes an option to change the screen from one open book to two. That’s as easy as a button on the toolbar! While you are looking at the pop-up screen, you’ll see a few more things you can easily do such as set a bookmark, add a note, close the book and more.

Maybe everyone else knows about this one but on the off chance that there are a few others out there like us that haven’t read the Help, I gladly share my discovery.

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  1. Bruce Gilliland says:

    That’s one of the things I like about PB for Windows Mobile. I have the maximize button on my toolbar, allowing me to easily switch from full screen for one book to showing all open books. This helps to be able to jump from one book to another (although I can swipe left to right or vice versa to get to another book), or to be able to compare different versions of the Bible. There may be reasons why this cannot be done (easily?) in PB for iPhone/iPad. It is one of the reasons I will hang on to my Windows Mobile phone for as long as I can.

  2. Larry says:


    Couple of questions.

    First when I want to backup my files to your server I first get a message that I can’t upload the files. The next time I do it I get the Pocket Bible Alert telling me “Done!” Am I correct in assuming that indeed my files have been backed up?

    Second, will there ever be a way to search my files on the iPhone? I know one can do it on iPad.

    Use my Laridian Bible every day for study. I Use the Laridian study tools and then online tools and Word on my computer. I then download the Word files I have made to “notes” on the iPhone. I then copy the iPhone notes and place them on notes in the Laridian Bible. I do that so that when I am studying in a group or when I am witnessing I can have the notes to a certain passage all ready to go. (I just wish one could stay in notes when getting a Bible passage from the Laridian note section. But small complaint.)

    • Larry,

      My guess is, if you’re pasting notes from Word into PocketBible notes, there are some characters like left and right double quotes (what Word sometimes calls “smart quotes”) being included in your notes. Some of these special characters can confuse the synchronization process. If you’re having trouble synchronizing, contact tech support, don’t post your question here.

      If Apple ever stops changing their developer agreement, requiring us to spend all our time writing code that serves only to send more of our money to Apple, we will start working through our to-do list for PocketBible for iPhone, including giving you the ability to search your notes.

  3. Larry says:

    Craig, thanks for the reply. I will await you people writing the code so I can search my notes.

    But my more pressing question still applies. If I get a “done” on my first or second attempt at backing up my notes, can I assume that the notes are really backed up?

    I am asking this question under “tech support” because you asked me to do it this way.

    Thanks in advance. Larry.

  4. Larry, hopefully you’ve emailed tech support (support@laridian.com) or submitted a support ticket at our site? That’s the way to get an answer from tech support. This is just an article in the tech support category of our blog.

  5. Charles McIlhenny says:

    Dear Craig: will you have the greek text with parsing capabilities on PB 5 for IPHONE? I find this feature in other programs so helpful. I know you can manually switch to Strong’s Concordance greek but that’s only from the KJV, etc., version and does not give parsing context.

    Just wondering


    PS And I’d like a single button panel switch rather than go into Menu itself.
    I loved the multi-window feature on the PB 4 – used it all the time.

  6. Charles McIlhenny says:

    Can I download PB4 along with having PB5 on my IPHONE without mixing them up or over-riding each other?



    • Charles:

      There’s only one version of PocketBible for iPhone. There’s no “PocketBible 5” on any platform. There’s a MyBible 5 for Palm OS, but no PocketBible 5 anywhere. So I don’t know what you mean. 🙂

      We haven’t made any announcements with respect to a Greek text with parsing.


  7. Greg Miller says:

    For years I used my palm pilot and then the palm smartphone in which I had alot of bible software. Now I have an antriod phone, a sprint evo, will I be able to convert my purchased soft to my new phone?

  8. Greg, you will be able to transfer your previously purchased Bibles and Books to the android platform. You can read the latest about our Android product here: https://blog.laridian.com/?cat=15.


  9. John Hannah says:

    Unfortunately, the split screen option available on the iPhone is not available on the iPad 🙁

    I would never want to use it on the iPhone as the screen is so small anyway but I’d love
    to have this feature on the iPad where split-screen really makes sense. Currently,
    switching to and from split screen on the iPad is rather painful as you have to go into
    settings each time.

    Seems strange that this option is not available on the iPad?

  10. John, it does work a little different on the iPad but is still seems fairly easy to me. Tap on the settings button on your menu bar (this is the cog looking one) and it gives you the option right there. It is still the same number of taps (2) to get to where you can change the panes.


  11. John Hannah says:


    Thanks for that. It was taking 4 awkward taps for me as I was going via the Menu
    button :-(. It’s still a 3 tap task to go from simple spit (2) back to 1 or vice versa!

    Thanks again,


  12. John, we added “number of panes” to the Display pop-up in version 2, which is coming soon.

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