Scheduled Server Move – Complete

Sync Server: Running
E-Commerce: Running
Current Activity: Complete
Staff Emoticon: šŸ™šŸ‘

Laridian operates a number of Web, database, email, and other servers at more than one location. From time to time we consolidate or move services from one location to another. We can normally do this in a way that you don’t even notice. But this weekend we’re moving major database services that will be very obvious if you’re a regular user of our software.

All database-related services are moving, which means user data synchronization (your notes, highlights, and bookmarks), e-commerce, and downloading books from your Cloud Library will be interrupted for a few hours. We will of course try to minimize the down-time.

The Laridian website should be unaffected (except for e-commerce), as should in-app purchasing in the iOS version of PocketBible (since it is operated by the App Store). Tech Support, email, and this blog will continue to operate as usual.

6:30 CST Disabled user data sync services

6:35 CSTĀ Disabled website store, in-app stores

6:40 CSTĀ Database backup in progress

7:25 CSTĀ Backup complete; transferringĀ files; restoring backups to new server as they are transferred

9:05 CST File transfer complete; restoring remaining backups to new server

9:15 CSTĀ Backups restored to new server

9:15 CSTĀ Testing

10:45 CSTĀ Made appropriate DNS changes

The move is complete.