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Bits of God Software releases Simple Bible Pro for HP webOS

Posted on: July 26th, 2011 by Michelle Stramel 16 Comments

Simple Bible Pro Screen Shot Bits of God Software has released Simple Bible Pro for HP webOS. This first release of Simple Bible Pro currently reads most Laridian Bibles. For those of you who have moved to a webOS device, this means you will be able to access Bibles you purchased from us for other devices on your new webOS phone or tablet. The ability to use other type reference books is planned for a future release of the program.

Simple Bible Pro is a true “offline” Bible study app for your HP webOS phone or tablet. Once you order and download the program and at least one Bible you may use Simple Bible Pro anywhere without the need for an Internet connection. Other features include bookmarks with categories, notes, highlights, searching, keyboard navigation, auto-scroll, Words of Christ in red and passage sharing.

UPDATED 10/9/12: The webOS platform is no longer viable and Simple Bible Pro is not available from the HP Store nor will be supported going forward. However, you can buy Bibles for existing copies of Simple Bible Pro (although we are unable to offer support for these).

16 Responses

  1. Scott says:

    This is great news, I have already downloaded mine, am am now in the process of downloading my Bible Translations to it.
    It’s nice to have this as an option for those of us who have migrated to WebOS…

  2. Vern says:

    I am happy that these guys have put the time into developing a program for Laridian. Keep up the good work.

  3. Martin says:

    I have already tried it but it is not available in my region (Slovakia, Europe). I cannot downloaded it from Palm Pre 2 or palm website. :(
    Is there any possibilty to buy it from Laridian? Or i dont know how to solve this… Thank you.

  4. Martin, there is not a way to buy it from Laridian. I would suggest contacting Bits of God Software (see link in article) as they may have a solution for that.


  5. […] Bible translations available from Laridian are also compatible with Simple Bible Pro, such as ESV, HCSB, NASB, NIV, and […]

  6. Randall Harris says:

    I must have made a mistake downloading one translation. It will not launch in in Simple Bible Pro. I tried to download it again but it does not show up in the list. How do I delete it from my Palm Pre Pro so I can download it again?

  7. Randall, your best bet is to contact Bits of God Software (see link in article). They can get you straightened up when your question is about the program and how to do something in it.


  8. Sorli says:

    I absolutely love Simple Bible Pro and Free on my TouchPad and Pre running webOS. It is by far the best bible software for webOS and any platform (for that matter) since my wife has a Nook Color and their Android application doesn’t even come close to the features and usefulness of Simple Bible Pro.

    Bits of God Software has been cranking out fixes for the older Pro version of software to enhance and make more usable on larger screen sizes provided in the TouchPad. This has been fantastic and works VERY very well, but I’m also looking forward to their newer Enyo version designed specifically for the TouchPad and hoping for Facebook updates and quotations, dual bible mode for research and study, and a bevy of other features they looking at as options.

    I use both Simple Bible Pro (SBP) and Free to gain access paid versions of The Message and free versions of bibles only provided in the Free edition of their product. Also note, SBP does not work for me on my older Palm Pre and so I only use it on my newer TouchPad and rely on the Free product available for the last couple of years.

    These products are highly recommended and if you love your TouchPad, you need to honestly take a look at a Fantastic product. Sorli…

  9. David says:

    I gave up my Palm Pre+ for the iPhone earlier this year and use the Pre as a back-up phone. But, I bought Simple Bible Pro for the back-up phone to support the developers. It is the best Bible reader I have found for webOS. I hope the developers will keep working on the program to give it the full set of features that PocketBible has on other platforms. I am on the waiting list for the HP TouchPad and SBP will be the first application I buy for it. Thanks for sticking with this platform. webOS is a great operating system and I believe someone will buy it from HP and develop devices to run it.

  10. Eric Rankin says:

    Very much appreciate the continued support for the WebOS platform and, in particular, the Touchpad. There are some performance issues with the app on Touchpad but nothing that keeps me from using it.

    Bits of God Software indicated they are working on an update that will resolve these issues. I can’t wait.

    Just purchase the new NIV release for $9.99 (what a great price–it was $24.99 when I checked just a few days ago).

    Best Regards,
    – Eric

  11. Bryan Flaxman says:

    I have tried a number of times to download Simple Bible Pro from the HP App Catalogue. I get to the screen that asks for credit card details, fill in every space, press Done, and reply comes back with message “a required field does not exist or is empty” when I press ok it goes back to the entry screen where everything is filled in. How do I get to buy this software?

  12. Vanessa T. says:

    I just purchased a TP to use for my bible studies. I wanted to use the multi-tasking abilities of webOS again. I missed multi-tasking when I went from my palm pre plus to an android phone (after HP announced that we were not getting the Pre 3 that I was waiting on). I purchased SBP because I wanted to use my (electronic) Laridian bibles especially the KJV with the Strong numbers and the Hebrew/Greek dictionaries. It would help with my current bible studies. Unfortunately, I can only do the regular KJV (w/o Strong numbers).. I sure hope the next SBP release includes the reference materials and is due to be released soon. For me, the reference materials are the next most important pieces needed in SBP. Any projected dates as to when they will be available?

  13. Vanessa says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks, but I checked their site. It has been down for serveral days now. Their website is essentially blank. You can not even get to an older or archive site. I thought at first they were out of business, but thought, if that was true, Laridian would have reported it on your site. Since their site is down, it would be nice if SBP could give an update on your site. I plan to continue with Laridian and SBP, but need the online study tools for bible class.

  14. Vanessa, their site should be up again soon. However, they are not planning any new features to Simple Bible Pro at this time unless things change with the future of webOS.

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