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Posted on: December 8th, 2006 by Michelle Stramel 2 Comments

As the year is coming to a close we start to look back on what we’ve accomplished or learned in the past year and we begin to think about what we can do better in the future.  One of the areas that we should analyze is our spiritual life.  Am I growing spiritually?  Have I digressed?  Am I just “going with the flow”?  Where am I currently and where do I want to be?  What improvements do I need to make?
As we review that area of our lives, our time spent with God and reading His word is one of the areas in which Laridian can help through the use of our product, DailyReader for Palm OS.
Just as MyBible is a reader for reading the Laridian Bibles, DailyReader is a reader that is used for reading the devotionals and reading plans offered by Laridian.  With DailyReader you can:

  • Read any Laridian Daily Reading Book on your Palm device
  • Track your progress through each book. You can easily tell what you’ve read and what you haven’t.
  • Quickly turn to today’s reading or the first reading you have not read.
  • Leaf through the book by using Next/Previous options.
  • Start reading the book—from the beginning—on any day of the year.
  • Click on a Bible verse hyperlink to see the text for that verse (requires MyBible and a Bible, sold separately)
  • Catch up—if you fall behind in your daily readings—so that no readings are missed.
  • Start reading the book again at any time.
  • Set a reminder so you remember to do your reading each day.

DailyReader comes with the Laridian Reading Plans that gives you a variety of options for reading your Bible.  For example, you can select the plan for reading through the Bible in a year or reading through the New Testament in 3 months or maybe you’d like to go through Psalms and Proverbs in a month.  The choice is yours.
Laridian also offers a number of devotionals.  If you’d like to have a devotional thought to ponder each day along with scripture reading, you might want to consider adding the free Morning and Evening Devotional or one of the paid devotionals such as My Utmost For His Highest or Streams in the Desert.  There are many selections from which to choose and we’ll be adding more each year.
What is really nice about having DailyReader with you rather than a paper copy is that you can start on ANY day of the year.  You’re not restricted to Jan. 1 – Dec. 31.  If you want to start today or in February or in July, you can do so.  Just set your Start Date in DailyReader to the day on which you want to start.  The option is on the Edit menu.
There is some customization with DailyReader that will enhance your experiences.  If you go to Options and Preferences, you can decide how you want DailyReader to open each day.  Do you want it to open to today’s scheduled reading based on your start date or do you want it to open to the first unread location (for those times you get behind).  How do you want the date to be shown?  Do you want to allow the italics or do you find it easier to read without italics?  You also have a selection to increase the font size for those that need that extra boost. 
DailyReader doesn’t come with a Bible but if you own MyBible then it can read the Bible you already have installed.  If you don’t setup a default Bible then DailyReader will use the Bible that was last open when you exited MyBible.  To select a default Bible goto Options and select Bible. The Bible Program line needs to always show “mBib”.  It’s case sensitive.  For the Translation line, enter the abbreviation for the translation as you see it in MyBible.  If you’re not sure how it appears in MyBible, open MyBible and look at your translation list of abbreviations.  That’s what you need to enter in DailyReader.
Do you have good intentions to read your Bible every day but then get caught up doing “stuff” and you forget?  DailyReader can help you remember.  Just go to Options and select Reminder to setup a specific time each day that you’d like to be reminded.
Are you one of those Monday – Friday people that only does devotions during the weekdays?  If so, DailyReader can help you with that, too.  Each time you complete a day’s reading be sure you check mark the box at the top indicating that you’ve completed your reading.  When Monday rolls around again just select Catch Up from the Edit menu.  If you’ve read all of the previous week’s readings (and checked the box), then this will move the reading that you would have read on Saturday to Monday. Just do this every Monday.  Of course, this will also make your devotional book last for longer than a calendar year.
Although most of the devotionals are on a 365-day schedule, you can go through a plan as quickly or as slowly as you’d like.  When you’re done with the plan and you move to the next day then it will state “There are no readings scheduled for today”.  This indicates that you’ve completed the plan and you’re ready to start over.  Just select Edit and Start Over.  If you don’t want to repeat the same devotional or reading plan again, there are plenty of other choices available.  You can review the Order Form for more DailyReader Books.
Using DailyReader regularly will help you keep on track with your daily Bible readings.  With the daily reminder option, the check-off system of what you’ve read and the many choices of reading plans, you should be able to find one that works for you. Then, next year when you look at the year in review, you can put a gold star next to your daily devotional goal.
NOTE: If you are having trouble with your Laridian software, please do not post your technical support issues as a comment.  Instead, you need to send an email to for assistance.  Be sure you’ve checked the Help Desk Knowledgebase before you request assistance.  Thank you.

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  1. John Wood says:

    I am trying to beam the My Utmost for His Highest file from my Tungsten E2 to my Palm Treo 700. However, when I look for the file I can’t identify it. Can you tell me the name of the file(s) that need to be transferred. My Daily Reader transferred successfully but I can’t find the MUFHH file. Thanks for your support.

    John Wood

  2. Per the note at the bottom of the blog article, if you are having trouble with your Laridian software, please do not post your technical support issues as a comment. Instead, you need to send an email to for assistance. Thank you.

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