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PocketBible 2 for iOS Now Available in the App Store

Posted on: October 4th, 2011 by Craig Rairdin 65 Comments

By the time you read this, PocketBible 2 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch should be available in the App Store. It introduces several new features and a new pricing scheme.

Quick Summary for the Horribly Impatient

PocketBible 2 is called “PocketBible” in the App Store. It is a free download. PocketBible 1 (“PocketBible FREE” in the App Store) is no longer available in the App Store. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE NEW POCKETBIBLE FROM THE APP STORE IN ORDER TO GET THE ADVANCED FEATURES MENTIONED BELOW. Some of you are trying use the feature set upgrade on the old PocketBible FREE 1.4.7. That won’t work. You must download the new PocketBible from the App store in order to get the advanced features mentioned below. There’s a link to PocketBible 2 in the next paragraph.

Click here to download the new version of PocketBible. (NOTE: Do not skip this step!)

The free version of PocketBible 2 has pretty much the same features as PocketBible 1.4.7 (one exception is described below). To get the new features, you need to purchase the “Advanced Feature Set” either at our website ($4.99) or through In-App Purchase inside the app ($5.99).

After you purchase the upgrade at our website, go to “Buy/Apply Upgrade” inside the app to apply the upgrade and enable the advanced features. You must provide your Laridian login credentials during this step so the program can find your purchase on our website.

If you have notes, highlights, bookmarks, or devotional reading progress you want to preserve, you need to move that data to your new copy of PocketBible using the process described below (and also in the built-in help). To get your Bibles and books into the new version, you need to simply download them using Menu > Add/Remove Books.

All PocketBible users should switch to the new version even if you don’t upgrade to the Advanced Feature Set. The old version of PocketBible will not be updated and has been removed from the App Store.

New Features in Free Version

The free version of PocketBible 2 has essentially the same features as PocketBible 1.4.7. The only significant new feature in the free version is related to expanding the Toolbox. In version 1, the expanded toolbox covered the Bible text. When we first implemented the expanding Toolbox, we figured it would be a temporary action. However, we’ve found that we prefer to have the Toolbox expanded while entering notes, and it’s inconvenient to have to collapse it to view the BIble text. So now PocketBible moves the active pane to the empty space above/below/next to the expanded Toolbox. And if the keyboard obscures part of the pane, the pane is shrunk again to fit in the available space.

All PocketBible users should switch to PocketBible 2. Version 1 has been removed from the App Store and won’t be updated. To make sure you get the latest bug fixes and updates, you should make the switch now to version 2 even if you’re not planning to purchase the Advanced Feature Set. This unfortunate circumstance is the result of the way Apple has us sign and identify applications.

Advanced Features

To access the advanced features in PocketBible 2, you need to purchase the “Advanced Feature Set” — either inside the app for $5.99 or directly on our website for $4.99. Advanced features include:

  • Automatic verse studies. Select a verse and PocketBible prepares an HTML or plain-text document chock full of information about that verse from your Library. This file can be viewed from within PocketBible, transferred to your Windows or Mac computer through iTunes, printed using AirPrint, or copied and pasted to an email. Each Verse Autostudy report includes:
    • The text of the selected verse from all your Bibles (you choose which ones)
    • The text of the selected verse with Strong’s numbers (if you own one of our Bibles with Strong’s numbers)
    • The definition of each English word in the verse from all of your dictionaries (you choose which ones)
    • The definition of each Strong’s word number from your Strong’s dictionaries (you choose which ones)
    • Commentary on the verse from all your commentaries (you choose which ones)
    • Cross references from the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (if you have it installed)
  • Automatic word studies. Select a word and PocketBible prepares a similar HTML document, this time with information about the selected word. Each Word Autostudy report includes:
    • Definition of the selected word from all of your dictionaries (you choose which ones)
    • A summary of search results from selected Bibles (you choose which ones)
    • A list of related Strong’s numbers (original language words translated to the selected word)
    • Definitions of the related Strong’s word numbers (you select which Strong’s dictionaries)
  • Synthesized voices read any Bible or book to you. Purchase a voice from a selection of six English and three Spanish voices, and PocketBible will read to you! Works with any of your Bibles or other books, does not require an internet connection once the voice is installed, and takes only about 50MB-75MB (compared to
    4000MB for a pre-recorded audio Bible). Start a playlist of hymns and have PocketBible read to you from the Psalms for an inspiring time of daily devotions. Or have PocketBible read while you do other tasks on your iPad. No other mobile Bible program can do all that.
  • New tabbed view. Both iPhone and iPad now support up to five panes (iPhone was previously only two panes) and you can choose to view five full-screen tabs instead of splitting the screen into panes. Just select a tab to view the books open in that tab.
  • Automatically open all your books into tabs. PocketBible will open Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, devotionals, and “other” books each into their own tabs for easy access to your entire library.
  • AirPrint support (iOS 4.2 or later). Print Autostudy reports, passages, or selected text to your AirPrint-capable printer.
  • Improved text selection. Drag through any text to select it. Copy, print, speak, or perform other operations on the selected text. Uses familiar iOS interface components (such as the magnifying glass and lollipop-shaped “drag handles”). (This seems obvious but we had to implement them from scratch as Apple doesn’t expose those components to developers, so it seems worth mentioning.)
  • Highlight selected verses. Highlight more than one verse at a time by dragging through any portion of the verses, then select “Highlight selected verses”. You can’t highlight portions of a verse, but you can highlight more than one verse at a time.

Apple Changed the Rules

As many of you know, Apple now requires that ebook apps like ours must not link to a website for add-on book sales, but must use Apple’s In-App Purchasing (IAP) capability and pay Apple 30% of each sale for doing little more than processing a credit card (which costs them about 3%). Amazon responded to this by entirely removing all links to their website from their Kindle app. We opted to implement Apple’s IAP but at a slightly higher price to offset Apple’s fee. (You’ll pay on average about 17.6% more for a book you buy using IAP vs. purchasing direct on our site, which results in us splitting the 30% fee 50/50. The proof is left for the reader.)

This would have very little consequence except that PocketBible 1.4.7 was created in a way that prevented it from ever using IAP. As a result, version 2 could not simply be a new version of the existing “PocketBible FREE” application. Instead it had to be a separate product. This is confusing for those of you upgrading from version 1, but should not be a problem in the future.

Moving Your Notes, Highlights, Bookmarks and Daily Reading Progress to the New Program

Since PocketBible 2 is a different program than PocketBIble 1, you will need to move any notes, highlights, bookmarks, and daily reading progress that you want to keep from PocketBible 1. Again, this is only necessary if you have data you want to preserve. To do that:

  • Launch the old version of PocketBible. Verify it’s the old one by looking at the version number at the bottom of the menu. Next to “About PocketBible” it should say “1.x.x” (the latest version is 1.4.7).
  • Choose Menu > Manage My Data.
  • Enter your Laridian login credentials and select either “Sync My Data With Server” (if you’ve been sync’ing your data with the server in the past) or “Back Up My Data To Server”. Note that if you have been keeping your data in sync with the server and you know it is up to date, you can skip this step.
  • When that is complete, exit PocketBible and launch the new PocketBible program.
  • Verify you are in the new PocketBible program by going to the bottom of the menu. Next to “About PocketBible” it should say “2.0.0” (or later).
  • If you have not yet registered, do so now. (You’ll see “Register PocketBible” near the top of the menu if you haven’t registered.)
  • Choose Menu > Manage My Data.
  • Enter your Laridian login credentials and select either “Sync My Data With Server” (if that’s what you did in version 1) or Restore From a Backup (if you used “Back Up My Data To Server” above). If you are restoring from a back up, you’ll be presented with a list of backup sets. Find the section labelled with the name of your device followed by “com.laridian.PocketBible” and choose the top item from that list (the most recent backup).
  • When that is complete, you have transferred your personal notes, highlights, etc. to PocketBible 2. You can remove the old PocketBible program from your device and download Bibles and reference books into PocketBIble 2.

Some Screen Shots

Here are some quick screen shots to give you an idea of some of the new and improved features.

Bible text now moves out of the way of the expanded toolbox, making it easier to take notes and follow along in the text at the same time.

New text selection method that lets you select any text. Also note the tabbed interface. Choose “Open All Books” to open your books into categorized tabs. (Advanced Feature Set)

Here I’ve finished selecting the text and the menu appears. The old “context menu” is still available by selecting “Menu”. To get options that apply to the selected text, choose “Selection Actions”. (Advanced Feature Set)

Selected text can be copied to the pasteboard, printed, emailed, sent by text message, spoken (if you have a voice installed) or looked up in a dictionary. (Advanced Feature Set)

Select “Autostudy Verse” from the context menu to quickly find everything in your library about a particular verse. You can do a similar study on any word. (Advanced Feature Set)

65 Responses

  1. Jeff Wheeler says:

    I’ve been using PocketBible’s new tabbed interface feature for a few months now, and it’s changed the way I use PocketBible. When I used 1.4.7 without this feature, I was surprised by how much I missed it.

  2. Ralph says:

    I really like the new Autostudy features. Have you considered adding the option to email the formatted results? Copying and pasting to an email drops the formatting. Adding the ability send a formatted file to Google Docs and/or Dropbox would be nice too.

    Love the tabs too! Nice work!

  3. John Whitehead says:

    Thanks Craig. Really appreciate your hard work. God bless.

  4. Ralph says:

    I just found “Paste to Email” under Menu > Share. This works but adds a couple more taps.

  5. Ralph,

    When we send text to the pasteboard, we send it in HTML and in plain text. It’s up to your email program to decide which format it wants. So the point is, we’re not “dropping” the formatting, rather your email program is ignoring it.

    “Paste to email” works differently but it’s interesting that it works there.

    You can also access your Autostudy files through iTunes. PocketBible shares them with iTunes. (See the help if you can’t find them.)

  6. Joel says:

    Hey PB friends, can ya’ll hold off on downloading or upgrading so I can. I’ll go first, someone else can go second, & so on. I’ll let you know when I’m done and I’ll pass along the bandwidth :) Just kidding (maybe), but I’m really excited to get the advanced features! Good job Craig & Jeff!

  7. Karen says:

    Hi..can you assist me in getting my books loaded in 2.0 version. They are not coming over in backup. Bibles and Commentaries…

    • Karen,

      You need to download your books using “Add/Remove Books” from the PocketBible menu. They are not part of the backup. This is explained in the blog article above. If you have further issues, contact tech support.

  8. Sean Doherty says:

    I had trouble logging in through the new app but then realised I was still logged in to the OLD PocketBible app. Once I had removed my credentials from the old app I got in fine.

  9. David Hey says:

    Are the voices in your won format or do they work with anything else? Please put samples of the voices on the website.


    • David,

      The voices are from Acapela, but because of the way the iPhone works they can’t be used in other apps even if they use the same voices. There are samples on the website but they use features of HTML 5 so you need a current browser to see them. Go to, select the iPhone platform, then voices. Choose a voice and there will be a little audio player on that page that will play the sample.

  10. Jak Stallings says:

    Got the new version and advanced features (and all my books) set up and everything works great. I can see the auto word and verse studies being useful, so that is a good new feature. I like the tabbed panes, too. The voices works fine, but I probably won’t use it much. My iPhone seems to allow only 2 panes, but that is enough on that platform. The program continues to be a real bargain and works well. THANKS

  11. Jak,

    We’re looking into the problem with getting 5 panes on the iPhone. Not sure why that’s not working.

  12. Ralph says:

    I had to “kill” the app by manually deleting it from the running apps on the multi-task bar. When I restarted PocketBible, it showed more pane choices.

  13. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Jak, quit and restart PocketBible, then you’ll get the full 5 panes on your iPhone. This will also let you have five tabs, which is way more useful than the five panes. To quit PocketBible, double tap the home button, tap-and-hold on the PocketBible icon in the tray, press the red X, press the home button again. Thanks for pointing this out.

  14. Kent says:

    Nice work Craig, love the auto-study and all the rest of the new features!
    Anyway to stop the voice from saying “Note” everytime it encounters a place where I have a note in my bible?


  15. David Wilson says:

    Really like the multiple tabs. Would be helpful if the Bible tabs listed the translation rather than “Bibles” so I could see which translation I was going to. But thanks for this great program.

  16. Karen says:

    Does this statment mean you have to delete Version 1 and then you will be able to download Bibles and reference books into PocketBIble 2..I’m not able to see the books or highlights…
    •When that is complete, you have transferred your personal notes, highlights, etc. to PocketBible 2. You can remove the old PocketBible program from your device and download Bibles and reference books into PocketBIble 2.

  17. Terry Swart says:

    You guys have me so excited I can not see straight. Everything is downloading but running SLOW. Must be very popular. I need to be in bed asleep (I work nights) but instead I have been getting everything downloaded and running so I will have it with me at work tonight plus work with the Youth tonight.
    THANK YOU!!!!!

  18. Nancy says:

    I love it!!! Thanks for all your work! Blessings

  19. Kent: Autostudy was my idea and Jeff’s implementation. There’s more there than meets the eye; you can customize the order of the output, what books are included in each section, and even the CSS style sheet.

    I’m afraid the voice says whatever is in the text. :-)

    David: If a tab contains only Bibles, it says “Bibles”. This is part of the “open all books” implementation. The current Bible is listed in the title bar for that tab (below the tab, when the tab is active).

    Karen: It doesn’t matter when you delete version 1. You do have to re-download your Bibles and reference books into version 2. As the blog article explains, it’s an entirely different program and Apple doesn’t let two programs share data.

  20. Jak Stallings says:

    Outstanding! I followed the recommendations to kill the app and reopen it. I can now use 5 tabs. I’m using 3 now. I had never used the multiple panes on my iPhone due to the screen size, but the multiple tabs is a really great addition. Thanks again!

  21. Ken Philpott says:

    Hi, Love all your programs, and have used them for way over a decade.
    The new iPhone5 v2 operates very slow in comparison with the v1.x.
    On v1.x pages turn in a fraction of a second. But in v2, they take between 1-3 seconds to change. When it gets to 3 seconds, it’s frustrating.
    I have an iPhone3gs, and am on the latest iOS4.3x.
    Have you any ideas on this. Are others seeing the same lag.
    Laridian programs have always been the fastest out there, with the fastest search by far.
    Regards Ken

  22. Ken: We’re not hearing any complaints about the speed of 2.0 vs. 1.x. I’m surprised you’re seeing any difference, since there’s really no changes in any code in that area. I think Jeff is still using a 3GS and I don’t believe we’ve seen any difference in speed on his iPhone.

  23. Ken Philpott says:

    Hi Craig. That’s interesting. Actually I’ve just tested more. The bibles and devotionals are the slow ones. All bibles and devotions are about the same speed. Between 1-2 secs. Whereas all commentaries & dictionaries, like EBD, BKC, Dakes, LAB, etc are almost instant like v1.
    I’ve done a full reboot of the iPhone, and currently none are over 2 seconds. But there is a marked difference between bibles/devotionals, and all other resources.
    Bibles over 1 sec, and other resources are almost instant.
    Regards Ken

  24. Tan says:

    The multiple panes in iphone are absolutely fantastic to overcome the small screen. It must be simple to have one of the panes on notes editing so that the other panes can be used for referencing and copying of verses. It gave it a try but no luck. When i use one of the panes for notes editing, it removes all the panes tabs.

  25. Chris Jacobsen says:

    I made the in app purchase for 5.99 (6.48 with tax) from Apple for the advanced feature set but cannot get it to update. I did download and install the version 2 standard application. I am getting the error that “I do not own the standard feature set” and cocoa error 256; I don’t appear to have the option to download from my account on the web Laridian site so I seem to be stuck?

  26. Chris Jacobsen says:

    Update: I did a hard reset of my device, and went through the process again using in app purchase and it downloaded fine and installed.

  27. Bev N says:

    To all of you who made this new 2.0 possible thank you very much.

    I appreciate the set by step instructions that made it easy to do.

    I’d like to request the ability to highlight in Commentaries. Please.

    Thanks again!

  28. Dale Durnell says:

    Thanks gang — it’s a great update. It was interesting — I didn’t find the update through my iPhone’s link to the App Store — went to Laridian’s site on the app store and found the update that way. I thought it would update my existing installation but found when I got through that I had both versions installed and all my books and resources were still tied to the old version. So, I simply went through the list of books I have a license to, clicked to install, and when I finished the list I clicked to Update which installed them all. When I got through, I simply deleted 1.4.7 (or whatever that early version was) and moved 2.0.0 to my front page.
    Clicked on the menu, found the update link for the advanced features, et voila, all is well in my world.
    Again, great work — thanks

  29. Cheryl Croney says:

    Love, love, love the advanced features. Especially the ability to do a word study and highlight more than one verse at a time. I am also enjoying Heather reading to me when my eyes are tired. Great improvements! Can’t wait to see what’s next….

  30. In order to keep the comments here useful to others, I’m not posting the ones that are tech support requests. If you have tech support questions, send them to tech support at

  31. kbk4Jesus says:

    Okay, not sure if I will EVER get an android now! V2 is REALLY nice. Good job!

  32. Ken Jeffrey says:

    Thank you very much, excellent update!

  33. RichieRich says:

    I’ve had to revert to using the old version for now because of readability issues. I’m using this on an iPod Touch 3rd gen, iOS 4.3.5. I can clearly read all the fonts on the old version. After upgrading, I find that all the text looks blurry. Really, it looks like someone put a haze over the text. Tried rebooting, but no change. Is anyone else noticing this?

  34. RichieRich says:

    Right – the iPod touch 3rd generation was before the retina display came out for the 4th generation (and the iPhone 4). Has anyone else had this problem on the pre-retina displays?

  35. Wes says:

    I’ve used the free version of PocketBible 2 on my iPhone 3G (non-retina display) and it looks fine to me, it looks the same as version 1 did. Of course, I change the default font to Arial or Verdana which I think is easier to see/read on the smaller iPhone/iPod touch displays.

  36. Richard says:

    The AutoStudy feature looks fantastic, as do the tabs. I was getting worried for a while and thought that Laridian were falling behind the game (well behind OliveTree) on the iOS front due to the development of an Android PocketBible. So I switched, bought myself an Android 5 inch screen device (like a sized up iPod Touch) and transferred all 210 notes from Laridian to Olivetree. But with your additions you look like you have added the killer feature – particularly since you have a desktop app as well.

    Sorry for my infidelity. I am sure that the Good Book has something to say about patience….

  37. Peter says:

    Thanks Guys

    I appreciate the hard work, innovation you put into Pocket Bible … as a Missionary I’m using it every day – a bible library in my pocket :)

    Thanks for the transparency on issues involving Apple’s ‘closed platform’ approach – I like how you have handled it.

    Just organising/downloading the new version so I can purcahse the Advanced Feature Set. Your instructions very clear to this sometimes ‘challenged’ computer user.



  38. Andy says:

    I am a big fan of your work. It is amazing that I purchased some of these bibles years ago, but can still use them on my updated devices. I will gladly pay for the upgrade and I hope it will help to keep developing this wonderful product.

    Does this mean you will have more time to work on a desktop version for macs? ;)

  39. Kelvin says:

    Craig, Thanks for the update and the hard work you have put into it. I do have an issue I can’t seem to solve. While experimenting with the settings I selected “Open all books”. Now the tabs display “Bibles, Commentary, Dict. etc”. I would rather have the tabs display individual books but I can’t seem to get back there.

    • If all the books that are open in a particular tab are of a particular type (say, Bibles) then the tab assumes you are using your tabs to organize your display by book type and tells you the book type instead of the name of the book. If you want a tab to contain the name of the book rather than its type, open a different type of book in that tab. This and other good questions are answered in the built-in help. If you have further tech support questions after reading the information there, contact support at

  40. Steve Terrell says:

    Great job on this upgrade to my favorite app since my Palm days (does that date me?). I scanned through the replies and did not see this discussed. I have gotten a response to my concerns and the problem will be addressed…sometime…but I wanted to make sure that it was posted in this blog for the rest of the users.
    I participate on the leadership team for a city-wide Bible study. I use the copy (out of PB) and paste (into GoodReader and MS Word) function on a regular basis. This function is now copying the “code” in addition to the text. This is definitely not going to change my attitude toward PB but it is very inconvenient. I don’t know if there are many foks who have realized the value of this capability for teaching and lecturing but the sooner this can be successfully addressed the better.

    • Steve,

      This is a bug in iOS 5 that we’ve had to work around. We’ll be posting an update to the App Store today or tomorrow that will include a fix for the HTML tags you see when you copy/paste. I’ll have more to say about this once we get it uploaded.

  41. Steve Terrell says:

    Thank you very much, Craig. I will be looking for that soon. =) Again, thanks for the hard work and the fantastic product that has resulted. God Bless.


  42. Marty says:

    Thank you for continuing to make improvements to Bible Reader. I have owned some version of this from back in the Palm days. It is the most important app on my phone.

    I have an iPhone 3g (pre-retinal display) and also had difficulty with 2.0’s readability and reverted to 1.4.7. When I saw the update for 2.0.2 I reloaded everything and the readability greatly improved. Thank you. Unfortunately, now when I first open the app the text window is shifted to the upper right area of the window and part of the text is cut off. It only does this with open books, not the any of the menu windows. I also noticed that if I rotate the device the text shifts back into its proper position. But if I open a menu item and then close it again, the text again reverts to its upper left shift position. Sounds like there are still bugs, at least for us older iPhone owners.

    • Marty,

      “Bible Reader” is not our product. PocketBible is.

      There’s no differences between 1.4.7 and 2.0 with respect to “readability”. We’ve seen some other comments with respect to clarity of the fonts, and we’ve seen those same comments from users of other iPhone software. I have not seen any answers as to why some people see the text as “blurry”. Some have speculated that it’s differences in each person’s eyes’ response to the smoothing techniques used by the operating system to display text, but that doesn’t explain why you’d see a difference from one version of the same program to the next. This is an operating system issue and should be reported to Apple.

      The problem with the text being shifted up and to the right is one that we have not been able to duplicate in-house except on one employee’s device. We are running some tests today to see if we can get more information from that device as to why it’s happening. We spent several hours yesterday reviewing the code and have concluded it’s a flaw in the latest version of the XCode development environment or the iOS 5 SDK from Apple, but we haven’t figured out exactly where it is nor how to work around it.

      Lest Android users think we’re wasting time on iOS, I spent the last couple days recovering from a similar bug in Google’s development tools. After the most recent “Ice Cream Sandwich” update the compiler would not build PocketBible at all. It did not indicate any errors, but simply said that a task that IT is supposed to do for me had apparently not been done. After re-installing the tools I was able to get it to report why it was refusing to do its job, and work around that problem.

      While we’re responsible for a large percentage of our bugs, we spend a lot of time working around issues from Apple and Google. The bugs in our code are easy to find and fix. The bugs in Apple and Google’s code can be impossible to find and impossible to fix.

  43. Marty says:

    Thanks Doug and sorry for the “Bible Reader.” I haven’t used that app in about a decade! Must not have had enough coffee when I wrote that.

  44. Nick Bramwell says:

    Hello, the new version is great. Any chance of adding auto syncing (maybe via iCloud) to keep multiple versions in sync without having to manually sync them. I’d certainly pay for the advanced version if auto sync was included.

  45. Fred La Plante says:

    Great job again, Craig, Jeff, and others, for another great product! I’ve been using your software since the Parsons days. The quality keeps getting better and better. Thanks for your example of Christ and doing your work with excellence.

  46. Keith says:

    Okay, having upgraded to PocketBible 2, I cannot figure out the Autostudy features (word and verse). I’ve searched Laridian’s Web site, the PocketBible user guide and every where I can think of, but nowhere do I find a description of how to actually make Autostudy work.

    A little help?

    • There’s insufficient information in your comment to determine what your problem is. If you’re not finding information in the Users Guide, then I suspect you’re actually still using version 1. If you have version 2 you can get to Autostudy through the Context Menu. Your best bet is to contact tech support. Make sure you tell them what your actual problem is. That is, can you not find the feature at all, or is it just not doing what you expect?

      Tech support is always your best bet for tech support. :-)

  47. Keith says:

    No, I’m using version 2. And yes, I could not find the feature at all. It’s the words “context menu” in your response to me that finally allowed me to figure out how to access the autostudy features. As far as I can tell, those words appeared nowhere in any of your documentation/help or on your Web site. Maybe it’s there somewhere and I just missed it, but you might want to have someone verify that autostudy is plainly explained for your users.


    • The documentation for PocketBible for iPhone is available in the program and since it’s a PocketBible book, it can be searched. Search for “autostudy” and you’ll find it occurs 26 times. Or go to the “How To” section and scan for the Autostudy Word and Autostudy Verse sections. There you’ll find:

      How to automatically study a verse (Advanced Feature)

      PocketBible can generate a report on any verse in the Bible, including related information from your installed books in the report. The information to included in the report is highly customizable, and the report can be copied to the pasteboard, saved to a file, or printed.

      To start an automated study on a verse:

      Tap-and-hold on the verse of interest.
      In the resulting menu bar, select Menu.
      Select Autostudy [verse] from the resulting Context menu.

      How to automatically study a word (Advanced Feature)

      PocketBible can generate a report on any word, including related information from your installed books in the report. The information to included in the report is highly customizable, and the report can be copied to the pasteboard, saved to a file, or printed.

      To start an automated study on a word:

      Tap-and-hold on the word of interest.
      In the resulting menu bar, select Menu.
      Select Autostudy “[word]” from the resulting Context menu.

      In each of those you’ll find links to more details than I can go into here.

      The User’s Guide is also available on the Help page of the website.

  48. Keith says:

    Thanks for clearing this up as to your documentation. I see the HelpDesk documentation now, but no matter what I do, the version of the PocketBible User Guide I get even after I remove book and then add book from within PocketBible 2 on my iOS device is copyrighted 2009 and does not include any references to “autostudy”. If I continue to be stumped on this, I’ll submit a tech support ticket. Just thought you ought to know though.

    • Keith,

      It looks like the version of the User’s Guide that was on the server was old. The version that ships with the program is correct, but if you ever delete it it will not be reinstalled from the program bundle. Instead you have to download it. That’s how you ended up with an old one. I uploaded the latest help file to the server this morning so if you update your User’s Guide in Add/Remove Books, that should take care of it.

  49. Keith says:

    Thanks, Craig. Yes, I was able to update to the latest version via the Add/Remove Books screen last evening. I appreciate you looking into this and correcting the problem.

    Now I’m really set to go. Thanks for all your hard work and diligence to make Laridian such a valuable partner to Bible students everywhere.


  50. Fred says:

    While updating to the new iPod version and trying to follow your instructions I failed. I must have synced incorrectly because I lost all my bookmarks, highlights, etc. How can I retreive my old information. The first sync/backup for Jan 19th is what I need to load to mu iPod.

  51. Henry Uys says:

    Do you have the Afrikaans Old Translation (Ou Vertaling ) available? Is is the 1933 or 1954 translation. I would really appreciate to have this available in my monther tongue, especially should this be available in audio.



  52. Larry says:

    How do I purchase a voice to read the Bible for me?

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