New for PocketBible and MyBible: Ryken’s Bible Handbook

Posted on: November 3rd, 2011 by Michelle Stramel

Laridian has released Ryken’s Bible Handbook for use with MyBible and PocketBible. Ryken’s Bible Handbook gives you a quick overview of every book in the Bible. Author Leland Ryken’s distinctive trait is a literary approach to the Bible—understanding the Bible as literature. Ryken and the book’s two other authors help shed light on understanding the Bible as the inspired Word of God and as literature by looking at the Bible’s different literary genres: poetry, narrative, wisdom literature, story, parables, and more.

If you are wondering how this approach could help you understand and/or explain the Bible to others, here are links to three interesting and informative reviews of the book:

Ryken’s Bible Handbook sells for $14.99 and is available for use with PocketBible for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, Windows PC, and Windows Mobile and MyBible for Palm OS.

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