New for PocketBible: Dictionary of New Testament Background

Posted on: November 5th, 2011 by Michelle Stramel

Laridian has released the Dictionary of New Testament Background for use with PocketBible. The Dictionary of New Testament Background offers a wealth of Jewish and Greco-Roman background to enhance your reading and understanding of the New Testament and early Christianity. The dictionary offers:

  • Articles that take full advantage of the flourishing study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and focus on the most important scrolls.
  • Information that encompasses the fullness of second-temple Jewish writings, whether pseudepigraphic, rabbinic, parables, proverbs, histories or inscriptions.
  • Articles on aspects of Jewish life and thought, including family, purity, liturgy and messianism.
  • Covers the full scope of Greco-Roman culture with articles ranging across language and rhetoric, literacy and book culture, religion and cults, honor and shame, patronage and benefactors, travel and trade, intellectual movements and ideas, and ancient geographical perspectives.

Written by acknowledged experts in their fields, this wealth of knowledge of the New Testament era is carefully aimed at the needs of contemporary students of the New Testament.

The InterVarsity Press Dictionary of New Testament Background sells for $39.99 and is available for use with PocketBible for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, Windows PC, and Windows Mobile.

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