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New BookBuilder Update Released

Posted on: April 6th, 2007 by Craig Rairdin 2 Comments

BookBuilder has been updated to add a couple of small error-detection enhancements. The new version numbers are:

  • BookBuilder for MyBible 4.x: 1.4
  • BookBuilder for PocketBible 3.x: 1.2
  • BookBuilder Professional: 1.6
  • BookBuilder for the older PocketBible 2.x for Pocket PC is unchanged.

We have improved detection of misspelled or completely unrecognized tags, especially when they occur at a location which could logically be the end of a paragraph. Prior versions would treat an unknown tag at the end of a paragraph as the end of the paragraph, then skip everything from that position to the beginning of the next paragraph.

Prior versions of BookBuilder treat this as an error (because there is no such thing as a <multicolored> tag):

<p>This text is <b>bold, now add <multicolored>some color </multicolored> and end bold.</b></p>

But they would not see this as an error (even though there’s no such thing as <smallcaps>):

<p>This paragraph contained <smallcaps>text in small caps</smallcaps></p>
<p>This paragraph is OK.</p>

The paragraphs above would be rendered as follows, and no error message would be generated:

This paragraph contained
This paragraph is OK.

The new version will correctly identify both the <multicolored> and <smallcaps> tags as unrecognized.

We have also improved the determination of the error context when describing the location of a missing or unrecognized tag. The code to determine the starting position of the bad tag was simply incorrect and usually resulted in error messages that weren’t very helpful. The new code should more correctly identify the starting position of the context of a bad tag. Some minor message format changes were also made to make these error messages easier to read.

It’s possible that books that built correctly with an old version of BookBuilder contained errors that this new version will find. It would be a good idea to run old books through this new version to verify there aren’t any undetected bad tags.

As usual, there is no charge for this update. Just log into your download account and re-download and re-install BookBuilder.

2 Responses

  1. Paul B says:

    I have a question about BookBuilder, and Laridian products in general.

    Although I love the software one feature I have lacked has been the ability to create my own Bible Reading programs. Our church has a set daily readings list that we all do together, and I would love to be able to use that in Pocket Bible.

    So my question is – is it possible to create your own daily reading lists with Book Builder, and if so, would the process be fairly simple? If not, may I suggest that this would be a very valuable feature to build somewhere into your software in the future.



  2. Yes, it’s possible to create your own reading plan using BookBuilder. The process is reasonably simple. The complete documentation for BookBuilder is available on our Web site here:

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