Why Have All My Books Been Updated?

Posted on: February 1st, 2012 by Craig Rairdin 2 Comments
If you’re using PocketBible on your iPhone or iPad, you may have noticed a message on the “Add/Remove Books” screen saying that many of your books have been updated. You’ll also see a similar message if you use PocketBible for Windows or one of the older mobile platforms and visit the “Downloads” page in your account at our website.

I mentioned in a recent Android update that we were going to have to rebuild all our books to support some new search features in the Android version of PocketBible. That turned out to be a 6-8 week rather than a 1-2 week exercise. Part of the reason is that since we had to touch every book that we publish, we used that opportunity to fix all the reported errors that we had on file for each book.

Many of these errors are all but invisible to the user. As a result we tend to let them accumulate for a while rather than jumping on every typo and minor formatting error as soon as we hear about it. The problem is that those things add up after a while and frankly our list had gotten overwhelming. We had one BookBuilder customer who volunteered to help a while back. He did a few books but then gave up. So this seemed like a great opportunity to just clean that list out since we had to look at every single book anyway.

In order to minimize the load on the server from everyone being told all their books had been updated, we created a way we could update the files on the server without the server thinking they had been updated. So the only time we allowed the server to know a particular book had been updated was if it was on the list of books in which noticeable changes had been made. If all we did was change “Laridian Electronic Publishing” to “Laridian, Inc.” (because one is our name and one is not) in the book’s meta data, we didn’t bother to have the server tell you about the change. But if we fixed a number of links or typographical errors — something you would notice — we had the server tell you about it.

We were also a little concerned about the load on the server if everyone went out and started re-downloading all their books. So we didn’t make a big deal about it, and we uploaded the books a few at a time over the last couple of months.

So if PocketBible or our website is telling you that a book has been updated, it means we fixed something that you might notice if you were paying close attention. In reality all the books were updated, but none of our programs currently make use of the new features that necessitated the update. So it’s only necessary to update the ones that say they need to be updated, and then you really only need to update them if you’re picky about every little typo.

2 Responses

  1. David A. says:

    Hi Craig,
    Thanks for the great explanation. I think I will wait for a while to do a complete download. So I can plan the effort (for windows and Moble, at least). Unless there is a mass download procedure for these platforms…

    I am sure that on Android it will be a couple of clicks for each book.

    However, I do hope you plan to move the book files off the root directory of the external memory card and into a folder structure of some sort (on the external memory if available). Backups are more managable that way.

    Thanks again for the info and the great work you are doing. I am Really looking forward to more Android functionality.

    David A. Hale

    • David,

      The next update will put our lbk files is an appropriate subdirectory on the external memory card. Until just a couple hours before I uploaded the version you have, it always wrote to internal memory. My quick storage card implementation and my need to support 1.6 resulted in putting the files in the root directory. The next version will fix this, though it does not clean up after the current version. So you’ll have to manually delete the files in the root directory and re-download them (or, if you’re clever, move them yourself).

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