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What’s New at Laridian?

Posted on: July 21st, 2006 by Craig Rairdin 58 Comments

This blog is new. But rather than waste a bunch of words welcoming you to our new blog, let’s just get down to business and talk about some products that are going to be coming out soon.

Normally we don’t talk about what may or may not be under development, but I don’t think it will hurt anything to mention these. Don’t bother writing to ask when they’ll be released or what the status is. They’ll be released when they’re done.

Nuevo Versión Internacional

One of our most frequent requests is for a Spanish Bible. We’re working on a couple Spanish translations right now for our PocketBible program for Windows Mobile Pocket PC. The first one you’ll see is the NVI, which is from the same people who translated the NIV in English.

PocketBible is being updated to accommodate Spanish Bible book names everywhere English names are currently used. So your search results and any links within the Spanish Bible will use names like “Génesis”, “Éxodo”, and “Levítico”.

Like all our Bibles, the NVI will include the Prefacio and Glosario sections, as well as the Tabla de Pesas, Medidas y Monedas. Words in the Bible text that are discussed in the Glosario will be hyperlinked to the appropriate entry.

Since Bible bookmarks and notes in PocketBible are “universal” your existing bookmarks and notes will appear in the NVI. Sorry, we can’t translate them to Spanish for you, but if you’re using the NVI we figure you can handle that.

New American Bible

Another frequent request is the New American (Catholic) Bible. We’ve been working on this for quite some time. The text wasn’t in very good shape when we got it, so we’ve put a lot of time into cleaning it up.

You’ll see the NAB first in PocketBible for Windows Mobile. One of the interesting things about the NAB is that in many places the verses are “scrambled”. For example, as you’re reading along in Isaiah 14, you’ll find two verses from chapter 8 (vss 21 and 22) inserted in the middle of 14:25. Then in chapter 40 you’ll see 41:6,7 inserted after 40:20.

The NAB contains those books known among Protestants as the Apocrypha or deuterocannonical books. We’ve published the NRSV, which also contains these books, so they don’t generally present a problem to PocketBible. However, the NAB integrates a couple of them into other books. So the NAB version of Daniel contains the book the NRSV calls “Azariah” as Daniel 3:24-90. Daniel 3:25 in the NRSV is thus Daniel 3:91. The NRSV books of Susanna and Bel and the Dragon are chapters 13 and 14 of Daniel in the NAB.

Because PocketBible is able to synchronize scrolling between Bibles and transfer your notes and bookmarks to other Bibles, all of these idiosyncrasies (and there are hundreds of them) have to be identified and built into our program. So when you’re scrolling the NAB and NIV side-by-side in PocketBible you’ll always see the right verse, even if the verse number is different. As an exercise for the reader, try that with the other Bible software available for Pocket PC. I think you’ll be surprised. (In fact, try it in your Windows desktop Bible software and you may be surprised there as well.)

NET Bible

Finally, the last new product I want to mention is the NET Bible. This Bible is known for its extensive notes, which will all be included in the PocketBible version of the NET Bible.

We haven’t announced any release dates, nor our specific plans for releasing these Bibles on any platform other than Pocket PC. We just thought you’d enjoy finding out about them now that we have this cool new blog as a vehicle to communicate with you.

58 Responses

  1. Don Stidwell says:

    Thank you for a Spanish Bible! I’ve been hoping for this forever. Even though I personally use the Reina-Valera 1960, the NVI will do for now! Looking forward to its realease (whenever that may be. :) )


  2. Todd Thielen says:

    I have been a LONG-time user of Pocket Bible but have been waiting for years for the Greek New Testament. What are my chances of seeing that in the near future? I love the functionality of PB, but have had to use E-Sword for my Greek connection…

  3. Todd,

    The level of effort involved in creating a Greek New Testament plus adding the search tools to make it useful is very high, and therefore expensive. The level of interest in Greek and Hebrew is very small, and therefore offers very little revenue to offset the costs. When you put those two things together (and add the difficulty of licensing the Greek text from UBS) you can understand why we haven’t developed a Greek New Testament for PocketBible.

    With that said, we’re not saying we’d never do it. After all, these same conditions existed when we were at Parsons Technology and we did the Greek New Testament when we were there.

    FWIW, the work we’ve done on Spanish actually paves the way for Greek because it lays down the functional foundation for non-English Bibles in PocketBible.

    So I can’t say if we’ll do it or not, or if we’re already working on it or not. In the meantime, you’ve got e-Sword.

  4. Jeff says:

    I mostly use pocket bible these days, but I still use olive tree for NET, TEV, and NAB. Looking forward to the new versions!

  5. Scott Showalter says:

    What would be the chance of you distributing the The MacArthur Study Bible in NAS and NKJV? His study notes are some of the most exhaustive I have come across.

    These Bibles contain John’s personal study notes below the full-length Bible text. Virtually every scripture has a matching study note with detailed information, explanation, and helpful insight. The notes are based on John’s verse-by-verse approach to the Bible and nearly forty years of careful study. John’s goal is to let the Bible speak for itself—nothing more, nothing less.

    I would also be interested in his complete commentary series.

  6. Grey Factora says:

    Hi Craig,

    Will MyBible4 for the Palm have a New American Standard Exhaustive Concordance?
    PocketBible already has one.


  7. Cameron smith says:

    Hi Craig, thanks for PB, its great I just love the search capabilities and it is extremely fast. I’m currently looking into getting a PDA phone but I am put off by them not having keys to put in numbers. Having access to my PB is very important, any chance of PB for Symbian in the future.

  8. […] Our friends over at Laridian have recently added a blog to their website. Laridian offers first-class bible software for Windows Mobile, Palm OS, iPod and BlackBerry devices — check out their new blog when you have a chance. […]

  9. Randy Stairs says:

    The news about the addition of both the NAB and NET versions is good to hear. The NAB has a good, basic set of textual notes, most of which even non-Catholics would find helpful. It is unfortunate that this excellent English translation is generally avoided by non-Catholics, put off by the ‘official’ status it has been given in the U.S. Catholic church. I was taught in seminary by one of the primary translators of the revised Psalms and the team did an excellent job. By and large, denominational bias is restricted to some of the book introductions and theological notes, though these also are more apt to simply reflect good scholarship.

    The NET has far and away the most extensive translation notes I have encountered in any general-release version. A reader not conversant in the original languages can get a better understanding of the translators’ challenges and options as well as see the most well-attested alternate texts for questionable sections. For most readers who are not able to work with the original languages, these questions get hidden behind the manuscript choices made by translators. Kudos to the NET team for making this information much more easily accessible as a part of their extremely extensive system of notes. The scholarship reflected in the theological notes is nothing to sniff at, either.

    The addition of these two versions is going to be a tremendous enhancement to the PB library.

    I must confess that I also miss access to Greek and Hebrew texts on PocketBible, so I tag-team PB with OliveTree’s reader which I use for original-language texts and the New Oxford Annotated version of the NRSV.

  10. Archbishop Mark Camp says:

    Keep up the great work on your products. I would love to see a version of the Book of Common Prayer for my WM5 Smartphone. With my T-Mobile SDA with me and PocketBible with several translations, I don’t even need to carry my Bible with me any longer. It’s always handy on the phone. And thanks for the change in the licensing structure across platforms.


  11. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. As you know if you’ve been around here for long, we don’t comment on what may or may not be under development but we do appreciate your suggestions.

    Randy makes some good points about the NAB and NET. We have some concerns about the potential negative reaction to the NAB from our non-Catholic user base, but we would encourage them all to take a look at the NAB. Most evangelicals haven’t read the NAB notes, some of which are quite interesting. Most also haven’t read those books known among protestants as “the apocrypha”. You don’t have to read far in Sirach to recognize some of Paul’s influences as expressed later in books like his letter to the Romans.

  12. Scott Jensen says:

    Another long-time PB user nearly since it came out. I’m an extensive Pocket PC user and have used it to write sermons on the road as well as Bible studies and regular reading. I love how you integrated the daily reader with PB instead of having 2 products. That was a great improvement.

    However, I am another of the few looking a Greek version of the NT with a possible Hebrew at a later time. I suspect there is more interest in Greek. Olive Tree has integrated it into their product. Craig, I know you and your team have the capabilities. There is no question over that. How about doing something similar to Logos, start a poll and see what people would be willing to spend to purchase a product. It may supprise you with what money may be available to develop this. Once Logos has enough interest, they determine a price and then charge the customers that agreed to that price. They don’t lose development dollars because they already have guaranteed orders to begin with.

    Craig, I can’t question your business sense. Laradian has grown leaps and bounds since it began several years ago. But if there is a fiscal way to do this, please consider it. The Greek has so much more to offer.

    To all the staff at Laradian, thanks for all your hard work making PB a better product through the years. It’s an outragously useful product and just keeps improving with age. Thanks and God’s blessings to you all. To some this may seem like a business. But, to me, it’s a ministry help that I am greately thankful to have.

  13. Ryan M says:

    I love Laridian products, and am a long time user, I appreciate and love all the work you guys are doing, keep up the good work! I once emailed you guys about this long ago, but I wanted to bring it up again. I’m sure it is a huge undertaking, but one of the biggest things i lack when carrying my pocketbible is an atlas, common fair in many bibles. I am wondering if you guys have any plans to add an atlas component to your program… I can’t tell you how often we are discussing places in bible times and maps of routes, modern day and ancient would be wonderful. I’m sure this isn’t easy, but I think you would a well implemented version VERY popular.

  14. David L. Bonenberger says:

    I’m thoroughly delighted with the PB3; an incredible upgrade for less than $10.
    I have several hundred highlighted verses in my 4 versions of the Bible and wonder if there is a way to transfer the highlights to a 5th version which I may download?

  15. Lowell Roggow says:

    The Laridian products on my Pocket PC are awesome. I have the New Bible Suite that was offered a few months ago which includes the New Bible Dictionary, 2 Theological Dictionaries, and the New Bible Commentary. I also love the ESV Bible with its ample cross references. Also Gregg Beale’s Commmentary on Thessalonians is wonderful.
    Although John MacArthur has good notes, he is somewhat Dispensational: a Bible Study-theological system that is going “out” and is hardly taught today in Christian colleges and seminaries.

    My favorite Study Bible is the Spirit of the Reformation from Zondervan. An electronic version would be great. Gregg Beale’s commentary on Revelation would also be great since he uses so many cross references . Thanks

  16. Thanks again to everyone for the suggestions.

    We see them and appreciate knowing what you’re interested in.

  17. Paul Meiklejohn says:

    I’m a regular user of the Daily Reader. However, I’ve always hoped that you would do something with the font sizes; your two choices of large or very small are somewhat limited. I notice that there has been no update on this programme for over eighteen months. Is there anything in the pipeline for Daily Reader?

    Paul M.

  18. Gordon Calmeyer says:

    I am a long time PB user and it is by far the best bible program for PPC as you can imagine I have a lot of books I have bought over the years and I am one of the hurry up types who did not read the instructions when I downloaded PB3 and now I have lost most of the downloads I had, when I log on they are gone, only the PB3 books are there——HELP SOMEBODY.


  19. Galaxyhunter says:

    I have suggested this many times and gotten a response that it was a good idea and we expect to incooperate it in a future release. But have not seen it used yet. WHEN WILL IT BE INCOOPERATED???

    Here it is:
    When saving bookmarks. It would be nice if you could create a topic or new folder and save bookmarks topically. For example. Make a folder titled “Prophecy”. Then save all the prophecy verses in it.

  20. Lowell Johnson says:

    The prospect of an NVI addition to the My Bible series is exciting. I hope that someday NRSV will also be available.

  21. Paul: DailyReader for Palm is limited by the fonts installed on your device. Palm doesn’t use TrueType fonts the way Pocket PC does, so we can’t give you much variety of sizes.

    With respect to the update frequency of our programs, our philosophy is not to turn out a bunch of upgrades just for the sake of upgrades, but rather to focus on turning out new content. In the eighteen months since whatever DailyReader upgrade you’re talking about we’ve shipped a dozen or more new devotionals — more than enough to keep you reading for 18 months.

    Gordon: Best to post your tech support questions through the tech support help desk, not as a comment on our blog.

    Galaxyhunter: MyBible is developed by an outside developer. We market it on his behalf. We pass your suggestions along but aren’t directly involved in implementing them. As far as when your specific suggestion will show up in the program, we don’t talk about what may or may not be in progress. FYI categorized bookmarks are already in our PocketBible program for Pocket PC.

    Lowell: If you look carefully you’ll see that the NVI is for PocketBible. We have not announced anything regarding availability of the NVI for MyBible. We appreciate your interest, though.

  22. Alan Balthrop says:

    Will the NET Bible be available for the MyBible reader? I chose Palm for my handheld needs because of their reputation and because they were not Microsft. I’ll surrender someday when PocketPC becomes the standard, but until then will new translations like NET be available?

  23. Joel Peterson says:

    Hi Craig, I have a suggestion, though I admit I’m not even sure if it’s possible. Each year, I download our churches calendar and import it into Outlook. It’s the yearly reading schedule that corresponds with the church calendar (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod). Each Sunday (along with other important days) there are 4 readings. Old testament, Psalm, Epistle and Gospel.

    What I think would be cool is if the readings could be hyperlinked from the Outlook calendar appointment directly to Laridian. An alternative would be to have a calendar directly in Pocket Bible where we could either import or at least setup a calendar of readings.

    Anyway…thanks for everything you do. I’ve had Laridian products since 1999 (I think I have them all for the PPC) and it’s changed my life!


  24. Alan: We haven’t announced anything regarding the NET Bible for MyBible. Remember that MyBible development is done by an outside developer and we don’t have as much control over its direction as we do the Pocket PC products. Expect to hear about some new content for MyBible soon, though.

    I’d venture to say that it’s time to think about Pocket PC. As of Q1, Microsoft had over 50% of the PDA market. Palm OS is 13%. See

    This doesn’t include Treo, but the Treo is a voice-first device so it falls into the smartphone category.

    Joel: You should be looking at our BookBuilder product. You can create any kind of content you want and if you have the appropriate copyright permissions and your content might be of interest to others, you can talk to us about distributing it on our site.

  25. Jason Hodge says:

    I would love to see an auto-scroll feature that could be turned on/off.

  26. Basil says:

    Pocket Bible! What an awesome product! I’ve been using PB for some time now and this new version just outstrips all. I love Laridian PocsketBible! HOWEVER! Thou shalt love the Lord thy God and have no other God’s before him – HE is still my first love.

  27. Jeremy says:

    Is there ever going to be an option to allow a person to copy a verse or verses with out having to highlight full screens of text at a time? This is priceless for taking notes. (MB4)Blessings.

  28. Thanks for the suggestion. We have such a feature in PocketBible and agree it would be nice to have in MyBible.

  29. Roger Gean says:

    I am wondering if you will ever have the Greek Bible for the Palm and fix it so when I highlighted a Greek word that the English would pop up and give the definition and declension of it?

    Love the Bible on my Palm

  30. Read the third comment, above.

  31. Mack McKee says:

    Craig – like everyone else I love the Pocket Bible. I first installed it on my HP Jornada 540 – quite a few years ago. I’m now carrying a Samsung i730 Pocket PC phone and I have Pocket Bible installed in the SafeStor area! Thanks for making such a useful piece of software. Can’t wait to upgrade to PB3. Question: Since you have branched out to a couple of new platforms (iPod and Blackberry), I wonder if anyone has thought about doing a basic Bible (maybe one of the children’s translations) program for Nintendo DS or Game Boy? I have twin boys (9 yrs old) who have NDS and I think they would enjoy having a Bible on them. I have searched the Internet and it doesn’t appear that anyone is doing this. There’s a lot of handheld game platforms out there – could be a vast untapped market! Thanks again…

  32. Nelson Q. de Freitas says:

    I am so glad to learn that the Spanish NVI will be available soon. I read that you are working on 2 Spanish translations. I trust that the other is the Reina Valera 1960. Keep up the great work! Thanks so much!

  33. Martin Tickle says:

    Hi Craig

    Thak you for the great product: Pocket Bible 2. I am very tempted to upgrade to PB3, but I have just bought the Ellen G White Writings PDA eBook Collection 2005 that only runs on PB2. This collection is awesome and invaluable to me, so I am wondering if there will be an forthcoming upgrade to allow it to run on PB3 and take advantage of its upgraded features. Will it happen in the near / mid – future?


  34. Martin,

    The EGW material is produced by the EGW Estate using our BookBuilder product. You’ll have to ask them about their plans.

  35. Timothy Tripp says:

    I switched from a Pocket PC to a Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone (Specifically a T-Mobile SDA Music) which I love but would like to see updated with some of the features originally in the PPC version of Pocket Bible. Most importantly, I can’t use my New Unger’s Dictionary (or any dictionary) with my Smartphone. I used this all the time with my PPC and really miss the feature.

    So much of the Smartphone version is a great improvement (especially the fast one handed navigation and the T9 verse entry) that I wouldn’t consider going back – just please keep updating the WM5 Smartphone version too!

  36. Brad says:

    Love my Pocket Bible! As a student in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), I keep my Bible open to the passage we are studying and use my PB to look up all the related verses. PB helps me cover more of the lesson, dig deeper, and spend less time flipping pages.

    Heres’ another vote for Greek, Hebrew, and MacArthur.

    My tip: Using a PDA, I collect favorites passages by topic by copying/pasting into NOTES or WORD with a page for each topic.

  37. Raquel says:

    My Pocket Bible is the best. I am never far from it. I am huge fan of the JB Phillips Translation. I am seriously considering purchasing software from rival Olive Tree so that I can download this bible. Would you please consider adding it to your list of available translations? Thanks

  38. Joseph says:

    I love the form and ease of use of my Laridian software. The Concordant Publishing Concern publishes the Concordant Version of the Old and New Testament. What is most important to me is how they have published a translation that agrees closely to the original language of the Scriptures. In lieu of having a Greek New Testament or Hebrew Old Testament, maybe you could enter into an agreement with these folks about making this text available for the Pocket Bible. How about it?

  39. Raquel and Joseph: Thanks for the suggestions.

  40. Keith de Laet says:

    Any chance the NRSV w/ Apocrypha will show up for MyBible4? The faithful PalmOS fan base really hates it when the Pocket PC crowd gets to have all the fun. THX!

  41. Alan Noble says:

    Hi Craig. I’ve used MB for many years now. However, due to more flexibility with my company systems, I am thinking I may move some of my daily use software to an iPod platform to take advantage of the expanding products as well. I especially like the ESV and DailyReader. Will these be available on the iPod any time soon? Thanks for your great products!

  42. The iPod isn’t really a general computing platform like Palm and Pocket PC. It can play MP3’s and it hasa limited ability to display text files with limited hyperlinking. We take advantage of these features to give you our NLT iPocketBible product.

    The text of the NLT is broken up into pieces that are no bigger than the 4K limit of the iPod, and since you can only have 1000 files, that means you can’t have the entire NLT Bible text on your iPod at any one time.

    We may do other titles in a similar way on the iPod but it’s not something you can use as a general replacement for a PDA. It’s more of a glorified MP3 player, but it’s not very glorious once you move beyond just playing MP3’s. :-)


  43. Mike Cooke says:

    I love your My Bible products on my Palm. I have been using them for years. I do have a request. Could you port your products over to XP and/or linux. I believe you would find a great market out there. Over the past several years laptops have increasing become less costly and more useful. Also, some of us baby boomers can’t see as well and need larger screens and font sizes!

  44. J Mackwell says:

    Excellent job on PB esp the new version. Really enjoy using it. Agree with comment above about community pricing of libronix and this may be a way of finding and funding dev of new products for laridian.

    Notice you have both NIV and TNIV, are there any plans of producing the NIrV, which would be ideal for using with both children/youth and also work with international students.

    Thanks for all your great work!

  45. Last I checked the NIrV wasn’t available in the US, but it’s been a while. There’s not really any demand for it.


  46. Gaylotta P Murray says:

    My Pastor reads from the Contemporary English Version (CEV)and I have come to enjoy the translation. When I found Laridian I was very hopeful that this version would be available and it is not. I am hoping that this will be avaiable in the near future. Are there any plans for this bible version?


  47. Roger Newhall says:


    Did you notice that Crosswire Open Source Project is working on Greek and Hebrew flashcards for mobile phones?


  48. Jeff Jackson says:

    Any word on NET Bible yet? It’s been 10 months. I’ve gotton so frustrated with O****T***’s frequent missing and broken notes, I’ve given up on using it.

  49. I’m not surprised that “O****T***” has problems with their version of the NET Bible. It’s one of the most challenging texts we’ve ever faced. It’s a real mess. We’re persuing a plan that should speed this along, but there’s no fixed ship date in what’s turned out to be our most frustrating Bible ever.

    This is why we don’t talk about products before they’re ready to ship. Lesson learned (again).

  50. Jeff Howard says:

    I too would like to put in my thanks to you all for your hard work over the years. I started with the programme I think when it first came available, and have kept up with it and grown with it in content and in faith over the years. That being said, Craig, I believe you underestimate your crowd here, and even if you had to charge us large dollars (50-60 range) for Greek or Hebrew texts, we (I) would be gratefully willing to pay it.

    As a traveling speaker, I find I can almost do without my laptop and use my PPC for everything, except… Without being able to cheque my Greek and Hebrew, my confidence in what I say is not up to snuff and so I still drag around my laptop with PCStudyBible, or if I am electrically challenged where I am going (using a solar charger with the PPC is expedient, with the laptop is painful), the texts themselves. Please, I reread through the entire thread here, and know the full arguments, but please have mercy on us, and produce the Hebrew and Greek.

    Yours ever hopeful,
    Jeff Hamilton

  51. Barbara Bilston says:

    As an English user of Laridian products, I wonder when you are going to offer the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)?

  52. We’ve been offering the NRSV for PocketBible for almost ten years.

    We don’t have it for MyBible because it includes the apocrypha and MyBible wasn’t written to accommodate the apocrypha.

  53. BC TAN says:

    I have all the major versions like NIV, NASB, NKJV, NLT. Would really love to have NRSV for MyBible. Any remote plan at all to have NRSV for MyBible?

  54. We haven’t announced any plans with respect to the NRSV and MyBible.

  55. Paul Lemmons says:

    Comments like “MyBible wasn’t written to accommodate …” make me wonder if MyBible is a real product for laridian anymore. They wrote the program and should be able to say something like “MyBible doesn’t accommodate … yet but we are working on it” There is a certain finality to the way the above comment was written that makes me sad/mad/frustrated.

    I used MyBible for years on a Palm III and Sony Clie. I switched to the PPC (Dell v51) and stayed with Laridian. I re-bought all of the works I had on my Palm. I absolutely hated the PPC version of the software but allowed them to talk me into keeping it when I asked for my money back. I figured it was better than nothing.

    I just switched back to Palm, primarily for MyBible. It would be a real shame to allow the product to simply die. I too would like to see the NRSV + Apocrypha. The likelihood of MyBible 5.0, though feels slim.

    If I am wrong, please say so. I would love to have something to hope for…

  56. I can’t find the comment to which you’re referring when you say, “MyBible wasn’t written to accommodate…” so I can’t respond to your particular concern but I can clarify your understanding of the state of MyBible.

    First, MyBible was not written by Laridian, despite your statement to the contrary. It was written by David Fedor, who at the time was in developer relations at Palm. We acquired the marketing rights and only recently have acquired full rights to the program. You should note that the blog post to which you’re replying is a year and a half old, so when I say in one of the comments above that we don’t have control over its development, that statement is no longer true.

    Second there are many things that MyBible was not written to accommodate. It can’t handle Bibles that contain the apocrypha. It can’t handle Greek and Hebrew. It has limits on the size of notes and the number of bookmarks it can store. Sure, these are features that we can now work on (now that we have full access to the code) but some of them are so tightly woven into the code that it’s non-trivial to fix them.

    While all this has been going on, the Palm operating system has stagnated and sales of Palm devices has slowed to a trickle. There doesn’t appear to be anything significant planned by Palm for 2008. We’re currently working on a MyBible update to support synchronization with our desktop program, but we’re working with a shrinking audience.

    We continue to ship new content for the Palm. We just released some new devotionals, and we’ve released new Bible reference materials in the last 6 months. We aren’t “allowing the product to simply die” as you fear, but you have to understand that Palm isn’t the same platform as when you left it for PPC.

    So to summarize, we have someone working full-time on MyBible right now. We haven’t made any announcements related to a MyBible 5, but we have been talking here on the blog about the synchronization update for several weeks. We don’t consider MyBible a dead product at all. It still represents an appropriate percentage of our sales. We’re as frustrated as you probably are with the lack of innovation going on at Palm, and with the move toward smartphones that have smaller screens, less memory, less third-party software capability, and less powerful processors than the PDAs that got us into this business.

    Hope this helps.

  57. Paul Lemmons says:

    I really appreciate the reply. Someone once said that you should never write a note when you are frustrated. That would have been wise advice had I headed it :)

    I recognize that the Palm platform is loosing ground and even Palm themselves have pretty much lost interest. I bought a T|X knowing that it would probably be the last device that they produced. I do truly understand where you are at. Selfishly, it is still frustrating.

    I do hope you will consider a 5.0 release and that you will consider adding support for the NRSV and apocrypha. Baring that the NRSV w/o the apocrypha would be a help. The note I was referring to was the one you wrote on 8/22/07.

    I think the next device I buy will probably be an Android based phone with lots of memory and horsepower. That is only a year or so out so you may want to start coding now :)

    God Bless

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