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Posted on: February 23rd, 2012 by Michelle Stramel 11 Comments

53 days into my One Year Chronological Bible reading plan in PocketBible and I’m already significantly behind. I blame Leviticus. It gets me every year. Thankfully, PocketBible has those convenient “reschedule” options. If (or when) you find yourself in my position, PocketBible actually offers several scheduling options that can help. Here is the best way to use each one:

  1. Set First Reading to Today – use this option to start tracking progress in any devotional book. You’ll get an option to erase any previous progress (or not).
  2. Set Current Reading as Today – use this option when you have been reading out of a particular devotional book for a while and now decide to start tracking your progress. Or if you’ve been using the printed version of the book and want to switch to PocketBible. When you choose this option, you’ll be asked what you want to do about progress tracking. You can mark all readings through yesterday or today as read.
  3. Catch Up – use this option if, like me, you’ve fallen behind in a plan you have been otherwise consistently reading (you don’t want to use this option if you’ve been reading and marking days here and there because you may get unexpected results). PocketBible will change the start date of the book to put you back on schedule through yesterday or today (you choose).
  4. Reset Progress Data – use this option if you just want to start over and erase any progress in the book. This can be done when you’ve only partially completed a book OR if you have completed an entire book, so you can start it over again.

If you are a visual learner (or you just like videos), here is Laridian president, Craig Rairdin, explaining how the “catch up” feature is used on the iPhone.

11 Responses

  1. Here’s a funny note: Throughout the code for PocketBible, this feature is referred to as “Ketchup”. So there’s a function called “doYouWantKetchupPrompt” which asks you to select a catch-up option, and when you respond, the program calls the function “ketchupAction”. All of this is launched by your selection of the menu item identified as DEVOTIONAL_KETCHUP_MENU_TAG. 🙂


  2. Gideon Newell says:

    Here’s my respectfully suggestion: by adding iOS badge functionality to the app, you could remind users how many days behind they are. You could even use the new iOS 5.0 notification center to send reminders, too. I am an AVID fan of those badges, and always take quick action to clean up any that have accumulated, so I can imagine how helpful it would be. Actually, the LACK of this feature led me to decline on purchasing any reading plans during Laridian’s recent 20% off promotion, because I’m afraid I’d quickly get buried in forgotten material!

    • Gideon,

      You may be unique among our users. I find the badges annoying. PocketBible does tell you exactly where you stand for each of your installed devotionals — it just doesn’t use the notification feature. I’m curious what others think — do you want a badge telling you how many days behind you are? What if you have ten devotionals installed? Should the badge be the total, the average, the max?

  3. Dav!d says:

    As one who acknowledges Yahshua as Messiah, it is a challenge for me to maintain what I feel a “disciple” is – one who is daily in the Word and tries to do and obey with all my heart. If I should happen to get a few days behind, my personal desire is to double up each day’s reading until caught up. Last year I wanted to begin reading right after Sukkot [Feast of Tabernacles], but I was three weeks late getting started. But I doubled up for many days until caught up.
    This is my own perspective as one grafted in to Israel, and it may be different from others, but this is my heart. As for Leviticus [some call it “the OT Book of Hebrews-Messianic Believers”] this is part of The Word that became Flesh and Tabernacled amongst us, so it is vitally important to understand and enjoy. He IS The True Bread that came from our Father in Heaven.

  4. David, thank you for your comments and sharing what works for you in reading through the Bible.

    Regarding Leviticus, I think the reason I always get behind in that particular book is that I want to take the time to read through it carefully. There is so much detail to absorb but the reading plan rushes me through. It would be a good goal for me to do a study of the book so I can understand and enjoy it next time.

  5. NuJoi says:

    I feel better knowing I’m not the only one who’s behind. Can’t wait for The One Year Bible to be available on Android. I’m using the website now. I miss the accountability tracking provides.

  6. Rick says:

    Daily Bible reading is really the last remaining use for my Palm TX. When the reading plans come over to Android, I’ll put my Palm away for good. I’ve been using a Palm since the Pilot 5000 (2nd device released, 1/2 Mb memory).

  7. Jak Stallings says:

    Re: the tracking badges. I also find them annoying. If they were to be implemented my preference would be to have an option to turn them off, but I’d live with whatever. My suggestion on what number to display would be the tracking for only the “preferred” devotional.

    FWIW, I like the different scheduling options. Some devotionals are more date based than others, so the “Set Current Reading as Today” works well for those. The ones that are designed to read through the Bible (or a certain portion) in a fixed time lend themselves to catch up or starting with the “first” reading any time.

    I also like the variety of devotional types. I pretty much always have a reading plan and a devotional going at the same time.

  8. Wayne says:

    I thought I would toss in my 2-cents worth. I have been reading through the Bible each year for over a decade. Yes, I get behind, usually because I let the things of my life come first, rather than my commitment to read daily. I’m often guilt ridden because of it. However, I usually don’t get behind more than a few days and usually ‘ketchup’ in one day. I started with the free Nav app on my Palm. In fact it is still on my Palm. I read Genesis through Revelation. I have done the chronological versions and have read KJV, NIV, AMP, NASB (which I prefer) and am currently reading ‘The Plan’ on kindle. When Palm went south I decided to do my own method of recording my reading progress. I type book, chapter and verses into each day (the whole year) of my google calendar. When I finish reading I type forward slant behind that days application. It is saved and I continue each year to add a forward slant as I finish. I am still looking forward to the completion of Android Laridian. I am very pleased with what I have received so far. I use a Velocity Cruz Tablet T103 running a MIPS processor. It is working fine! Of course it is definitely not an ipad. However, I only paid $99.00 for it. The Cruz tablet can now be purchased for $75 or less, which makes it accessible to almost anyone. I’m 68 years old and have reached the point where my favorite Bible is the one with the biggest print.
    For those of you struggling to read regular . . . don’t give up, you won’t regret it. Remember, some one once said: BIBLE – Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

    Again, Craig, thank you for your dedication and hard work.

  9. Jean Robinson says:

    I am not finding these controls/options in the Android version. Am I missing something?

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Jean, make sure you are using the most recent update to the Android version which is 1.3.0 (you can check this under the menu | About PocketBible). If you are using 1.3.0, you should see a Devotionals item on the menu. Choose that and select the devotional book you want to manage at the top. Then hit the Manage button and you’ll find options to Catch up or Start Over.

      You can also see that in action in this video:


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