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Posted on: March 29th, 2012 by Michelle Stramel 11 Comments
We released six volumes in the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary Series this week:

We had previously released eleven volumes in this series. You can purchase each volume separately for $19.99 or all seventeen volumes in one money-saving bundle, Cornerstone Biblical Commentary Series, for $249.99 (26% savings over purchasing separately). The books are available for use with PocketBible for Windows, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

This commentary series offers some unique features:

  • Comments are based on the New Living Translation Bible text (although you can use the commentary with any Bible in PocketBible). Many of the authors and editors of the commentary series participated in the creation of the NLT.
  • The commentary is recent scholarship (2006 to present – three volumes still to come).
  • Presents the message of each passage as well as an overview of other issues surrounding the text

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11 Responses

  1. Ernie says:

    Will this be broken into the individual books if you buy the package (pain to work with) or in one file as some of your other whole bible commentaries are?

  2. Ernie says:

    That’s too bad, I have several of these already and it’s a nuisance to close and reopen, then look at the title screen, then set it to the bible reference I’m reading just because I turned the e-page or followed another reference. The windows program only loads 16 books at a time, so to load the whole commentary on uses a whole window. Anyway, I think I’ll sit these out till I can get it in a better form. Thanks for a speedy response.

    • Ernie,

      You can have multiple commentary sets open in the Windows version of PocketBible, so you can have more than 16 commentaries open at the same time — just not in the same window.

      If you turn on synchronization there’s no closing and opening. Open all the commentaries (or open them as you need them). When you switch Bible verses, each commentary that contains comments on the current verse will automatically display those comments. You may have to select the tab for the appropriate commentary to make it visible.

      We find that most people buy the volumes one at a time and use them when they are studying a particular book of the Bible. So for most people, having all the volumes open all the time is just a lot of clutter. They open the one or two they need and it isn’t a problem.

  3. Ernie says:

    Don’t quite follow you Craig, Matthew Henry’s is a whole bible commentary as well as many others you sell and they are in one file instead of many individual books so they have no need to open a bunch of books but only one. Is it that hard to have a combined one for folks who’d like to buy the whole set? If it is, then so be it, you must do as you feel led.

    • Ernie,

      The difference between Matthew Henry and the Cornerstone commentaries in terms of structure is that each book of the Bible (or combination of 2-3 books) is represented in a single volume in print. The total set is hundreds of dollars and relatively few people buy the full set.

      If we offer both the individual volumes and the full set as one book, it creates several problems. First, we have to maintain two copies of the text. Every correction made to the single volumes has to also be made in the combined volumes. Second, there are issues related to downloading. We have to recognize when a customer has purchased all the volumes so we can give them the opportunity to download the combined volume in lieu of the individual volumes. This is trickier than you might think, since the customer may have purchased volumes for different platforms, and since we don’t keep track of what products belong to what sets of commentaries.

      There are other ways to overcome this issue, and we may implement features in the future that would allow you to group commentaries into one window in a way that would let you treat any combination of commentaries as a single book.

      I don’t expect you to understand the complexities of this issue. We’ve tried releasing commentary sets in the way you describe and it’s been painful for a variety of reasons, some of which are described above. We’ve discussed multiple ways to address the issue, and we’ve examined sales data to determine ow many would be affected. We’re not opposed to solving this one way or another, but we have to consider both the costs and the benefits.

  4. Larry says:

    If we purchase the 17 volume bundle now, when the remaining 3 volumes become available, will we need to purchase those 3 separately, or will they be added automatically to our account? Thanks.

  5. Larry says:


    I understand your concern, but there actually is a way that you can navigate the various commentary volumes in this set without opening up each volume in a tab and having a window full of tabs. And you can do it in a way where you only have to have one commentary tab open at all times.

    Here is what I do. Let’s say I have the Gospel of John open in my Bible window. So I click on the “open commentary” button on my toolbar and open the commentary volume on John, which is vol. 13. In the Bible window I type in John 3:16, and the commentary volume window automatically syncs. Now let’s say while I’m reading John I want to read Romans 6:23. So in my Bible window I type in Romans 6:23 and it jumps to that verse. Now the commentary does automatically jump to Romans because that’s a different volume (Volume 14). So that means I have to open a new tab, right? Wrong. The simpler way, once I’m at Romans 6:23, is to click on the commentary window (which at this point is still in John), go to my toolbar and click “Change Book”, and select the Romans commentary volume. Then that takes me to my Romans commentary volume and I can read Romans and the Romans commentary until I want to go back to John, at which point all I have to do is click on the “back” button on my toolbar until I get back to John and the John commentary.

    Throughout this entire process, I have only one commentary tab open. Now I admit that navigation would be easier if the entire commentary series was one file, but the process I outline above is (in my mind at least), far easier than opening up multiple tabs and trying to remember which tab corresponds to which volume and which book of the Bible.


  6. Larry says:

    Prior message should read “So in my Bible window I type in Romans 6:23 and it jumps to that verse. Now the commentary does NOT automatically jump to Romans because that’s a different volume (Volume 14).” Sorry.

  7. Ernie says:

    Instead it takes you to a rigmarole for the copyright nonsense and completely destroys my train of thought:) I simply will not buy anymore like that.

    • Ernie,

      Yeah, that’s the title page. It’s going to open to the title page the first time you open the book. After that it will stay wherever you left it the last time you were in the program (as long as you leave the book open). Now that I think of it, I think the iOS reader will open the commentary to the Bible verse you’re on, assuming you have synchronization mode turned on. The desktop reader may not work that way.

      If we do a single-volume version of this series it will only be after the complete series is released. Let’s pick up this conversation at that time.

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