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PocketBible for Windows Nears Completion; iPocketBible for iPhone to Follow

Posted on: August 18th, 2007 by Craig Rairdin 23 Comments

The final beta version of PocketBible for Windows went to the testers last Wednesday and so far the reports are looking good. We’re on target for a release of the product in the middle of next week. iPocketBible for iPhone should follow shortly thereafter.

PocketBible for Windows

I’ve been running PocketBible for Windows 24/7 for the last few days. It’s quick and easy to use. Just today I was posting something on the Web and I was able to just type “copy acts 1:6-8″ into PocketBible, and it loads those verses into my clipboard, ready to paste into an email or a document. When pasting into Word, it retains formatting information, so I have my verse numbers configured to be small and superscripted. It really looks nice. It even handles pasting Greek and Hebrew text.

You may see the PocketBible program available at our site before you get your email announcement. Existing Laridian customers are entitled to a discount so don’t jump the gun. On the other hand if you don’t see an email by the end of the week (and if we haven’t announced a delay here) then contact us and we’ll see if we can figure out why you haven’t received your announcement.

Just to explain: If you already have Bibles and books that you use in PocketBible or MyBible (or one of our other readers) then you’ll be entitled to download those same books for use with PocketBible for Windows. The actual files you already have won’t work (without some effort) so you’ll probably want to download the setup programs that are specifically targeted to the Windows desktop.

One of the things we’re excited about is that we’re going to be offering you the opportunity to get your entire PocketBible for Windows library pre-loaded onto a USB “thumb drive” and shipped to you for a nominal charge (about $20, including shipping). You’ll be able to run PocketBible directly from the USB drive if you want, or install it to your hard drive. Either way you avoid the download time. Watch for details.

As we’ve been talking about, PocketBible for Windows is going to have the ability to synchronize user-created data with PocketBible for Pocket PC, PocketBible for Windows Mobile Smartphone, MyBible, and iPocketBible for iPhone. The important thing to note is that there are two halves of the synchronization process and while PocketBible for Windows will contain the synchronization engine, it will not include the “sync providers” that are specific to each platform. We’ll be releasing these over the next few weeks.

PocketBible for Windows will be a fully capable desktop Bible study solution as delivered this week. The only features missing will be the ability to sync your notes, bookmarks, and highlights with your PDA or phone. That’s the part that’s coming. When that software becomes available it will be distributed as a free update for users of each of our PDA/phone products.

iPhone Update

We’ve had to take a short break from iPhone development in order to get the Windows version out of the way. Sometime this week we should be able to pick up that activity and you’ll see the iPhone version become available very soon after that.

The cost is going to be $1.99/month and you’ll have access to all the content you’ve purchased from us for any other platform at no additional cost. Of course you can purchase new books and Bibles and access them from your iPhone. If you also own PocketBible for Windows or one of our other readers you’ll be able to download the same books or Bibles for those platforms (assuming they are supported — not all books run on all platforms) at no additional cost.

To purchase iPocketBible you’ll submit your credit card information but you won’t be billed for the iPocketBible service for a month. This gives you time to check it out. If you don’t like it, just contact us before your month is up and we’ll cancel your account before that first bill is due. Otherwise, your card will be automatically charged every month until you tell us to stop.

I hope you appreciate the degree to which we’ve been sharing information about these new product releases this summer. This is very unusual for us. If you’ve known us for a while you know that even at Parsons Technology we were very tight-lipped about new releases. We invented the phrase “we can neither confirm nor deny any product that may or may not be under development” and used it frequently. After neither confirming nor denying anything we’ve done for the last two decades, it feels weird to be talking to you about products you can’t buy yet.

That’s the latest. PocketBible for Windows is just a couple days away. iPocketBible for iPhone will follow shortly thereafter, along with a PocketBible for Pocket PC update and a bunch of sync providers for the PDA and phone platforms. Enjoy.

23 Responses

  1. Andrew Kavcsak says:

    Hi Craig,
    I am most appreciative and impressed with the details you and your team has been willing to share in advance of the release of the “PocketBible for Windows software platform. This has been very helpful to be able to give a lot of thought on how best to use it when it is finally released next week. I am really, really excited about the great news you have shared today about the ability to get our entire PocketBible for Windows entire library pre-loaded onto a USB “Thumb Drive” and have it shipped to us. My question is will this enable us to use this on more than one PC? Since I have laptop I use at work in addition to my personal one at home, it would be awesome to have the mobility and flexibility to have access to my PocketBible for Windows library for use at home as well as at work. Thanks to you and your entire team for all of your hard work and dedication to get this incredible software in our hands in the very near future.

  2. Andrew,

    Thanks for the comments. The whole point of being able to run from USB drive is so that you can take it with you to another PC. You have the option of keeping all of your personal data (bookmarks, notes, and highlights) on the USB drive. That includes all your configuration options as well, so the program just starts up on each machine right where you left off. Nothing is left in the system registry or installed to the hard drive of the machine you’re running on unless you decide you’d like to put it there. So you can run it at work or at a shared computer in a hotel lobby or coffee shop and not leave any footprints behind.

  3. John Brock says:

    Good morning Craig:
    I assume you will need to access the iPocket Bible as favorite from the browser? What needs to happen in order to get something that would be a button on the home screen like the other built in iphone apps? Those apps are probably going to be limited to Apple owned apps right? BTW thanks for the good work. I appreciate the advance notice. Even though waiting is difficult, it has been reassuring to know that my Laridian investment will come along. I hope you will have a EFT auto pay plan.

  4. Mark Triplett says:

    Hi Craig,

    I am a long time PocketBible for Pocket PC user who recently bought an iPhone. For my clarity, I’m just wondering if the Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible will be available for use on the iPhone? From what I am reading it appears that it will be. Am I correct? Thanks for all of the great products over the years.

  5. John: That’s the whole thing with the iPhone: You can’t add applications to it. iPocketBible is a Web site. You’ll actually be able to access it from any Web browser but it’s designed for the iPhone. (Eventually we’ll test it under more browsers so that it will be a pleasant desktop experience, too, but right now we’re targeting the iPhone.)

    Mark: I believe all our Pocket PC content will be available for the iPhone. We have one series (Ancient Christian Commentary Series) that won’t be available for the DESKTOP version of PocketBible unless we get a concession from the publisher, who is trying to protect their own desktop Bible software product (which is fine with us and within their rights, but it presents some awkward problems for customers and therefore, for us).

  6. Robert Mullen says:

    I for one appreciate the way you have shared the development information on these projects. A technical blog is an ideal place for this kind of sharing as you will guarantee a minimum level of computer competency in your viewers. I am excited about both projects and am almost certain to be a purchaser of both.

    As an OT aside: Have you looked at making the Expositor’s Bible Commentary set available? It appears this one is entering the realm of digital medium and while I have the physical set I would really like to have it on my iPhone/Windows Desktop as well.

    You have a great ministry here. May the Lord bless you and use it for His glory.

  7. Robert: We’re looking at a lot of content from a lot of publishers. It’s difficult to comment on a particular title because we could have a “publicity date” in the contract (first date we can publicize the product) or negotiations may be ongoing and we don’t want to presume the outcome.

    FWIW the series is currently available from its publisher (Zondervan) in the Pradis format (Zondervan’s Bible software), but you probably know that.

  8. MarcT says:

    I can neither confirm nor deny whether I may or may not appreciate the degree to which you’ve been sharing information about these new product releases.

  9. DaveR says:


    Thanks for the info and the “sneak peak”. FWIW, I’ve put my $.02 in to Apple, as I am sure have many others, that there are some programs — like Bible reading and searching — that we need to have available even (or especially) on an airplane or when out of cell phone reach.

    In the meantime, I am eagerly awaiting release of Ipocket bible.


  10. Joel Peterson says:

    OK…I see it’s released but I haven’t gotten the announcement e-mail yet with the discount for us faithful customers….hmmmmm….I’m not sure if I can wait!!!

    Thanks for all that you do Laridian team!!!

  11. Joel: The emails will start going out today. It takes a couple days to send them all out. The full retail price is $29.99 and the customer discount price is $19.99. There will also be a discount on any new books you buy along with the program so it might be a good idea to wait for the email.

    Everybody: Remember once you get the program that your questions need to go to tech support through the Help Desk on our Web site. Please don’t post your questions here. You should be aware that we make fun of people who do that. :-)

  12. Greg Galbraith says:

    Argh…must keep from bugging Patty about discount code……It is so hard to wait when it is right there in front of me!! :)
    Craig…thanks to you and everyone at Laridian for all of the fine work that you do!!!

  13. Bert Decker says:

    Delighted that you are doing the Bible for iPhone. I’m sure that had it’s challenges, but so glad you have pushed forward with it. Can’t wait.

  14. Donnie Self says:

    Any plans to develop desktop software for the Mac?

  15. I guess I haven’t answered that question yet in this thread; I’ve answered it in every other blog comment thread on the site, so here goes.

    We don’t currently plan on developing for the Mac. It’s too easy to run the Windows app on the new Macs using programs like VMWare Fusion.

    It will also be the case that our iPocketBible program for iPhone will eventually run on the Mac.

  16. bladecody says:

    Any new updates on the iphone Bible yet?? Also will there be any other way to purchase the Bible for iphone without having to do monthly recurring charges??? I don’t have a credit card only a debit card…….and it gets too dangerous doing recurring charges on your checking account…hahaha! Please advise.

  17. I was hoping to be able to post a new iPocketBible video this weekend but had some technical problems putting it together on Friday night. I’d like to give you a firm date but the task of converting all the books to the new format, uploading them to the server, and importing them into the database is giving me fits right now. I’m sure we’ll get through it but I can’t predict the schedule.

    The only way to pay for access, at least initially, will be by credit/debit card. We’ve talked about other options but there’s only so many things we can take on right now, and sending out bills for $1.99 every month so you can send us eight quarters in the mail is not on the top of the list. :-)

  18. bladecody says:

    Maybe we could pay for a years subscription upfront rather than monthly recurring…..if so that would be great for us and you guys would go ahead and get your money upfront too….win-win….haha

  19. John Brock says:

    Better yet– an amount for non-transferable life-time usage would emiminate a lot of reocurring payments.

  20. John Brock says:

    Hey Craig:

    Did you see the new Ipod Touch? Looks like that will be another platform that will provide a market for the iPocketBible product. There may be more iPod Touch sales than iphones. BTW did you hit any snags on the release of ipocketBible?

  21. Bill Sprague says:


    With the price drop on the iPhone, your market may expand. As an owner of PocketBible for WM, the predecessor of PocketBible , and WinCe2000, Windows, and Palm OS; I can’t wait to try the version for iPhone! One day I’ll quit changing and stick with one OS. But that would not be fun!

    Thanks for you excellent software. Mine’s been used all over the World in missions work.


  22. John, we like the iPod Touch idea. It would be better if it had a data-only cell plan for those times when you’re not in WiFi coverage. OTOH getting the carrier out of the loop is a good idea any time you can do it.

    Yes, we’re having a problem with iPocketBible. It’s not related to the iPhone, but rather my programming skills. I’ve managed to create a bug that has been eluding me for two months. We’re now at the point where we need to get this product out the door and it’s essential that I find and kill it. I haven’t done anything for the last couple of weeks but pursue it (it’s running on my other machine while I catch up with email and blog comments on this one). I’ve backed it in a corner a couple times only to have it pop up somewhere else. I haven’t seen anything like it in 25 years of programming.

    Anyway the problem is in the code that reads our LBK files and converts them into a format we can import into the database on the Web site for use on the iPhone. So the iPocketBible site itself is ready to go but there aren’t any books for it!

    Thanks also for your suggestion about annual and life-time subscriptions. That’s the same line of thinking we’ve been on. The only issue is that there’d be no refunds on either of those options (if we decide to implement them).

  23. John Brock says:


    I trust you will find & kill the bug soon.

    The “no refunds” is expected (assuming the price is reasonable). The advantages to customers are less hassle and the good feeling of a type of ownership with no open-ended commitment. For you, less administrative burden and the ability to more quickly recapture your up front investment. BTW could Bibles (text only) be downloaded through itunes and used with a book reader? Just as a kind of backup when internet access is not available. Or is itunes audio only? BTW I did something I said I wouldn’t do at another of your blogs–I sold my G4 powerbook and am getting one with the INTEL processors–I need the study helps I miss desperately since i quit using my pda. The PockeBible for Windows will be a real help and I have just started a series in Ephesians. I have good commentaries, but there is nothing like hypertext for efficient study and prep.
    In short PocketBible has spoiled me. Isn’t that pathetic?

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