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Posted on: July 21st, 2006 by Craig Rairdin 4 Comments

Our BookBuilder program enables you to create your own electronic reference books for use in PocketBible and MyBible. We’ve been amazed at the huge number of you who have purchased BookBuilder Professional. We hope you’re enjoying the ability to add your own custom commentary and devotionals to your PDA.

We’d like to take this one step further: We’d like to invite you to submit your work to us for distribution through our site. We have a small number of user-created works but we can’t really justify creating a new area of our Web site when we only have a handful of titles to offer. We think once we have 25 or more titles, we can put something together.

You can give your books away or you can sell them. If you choose to put a price on them, we’ll keep a portion and send you the rest. We’ll help you come up with a price. Contact us at for more information.

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  1. erwin says:

    i’d like to try do a chinese bible
    we can obtain the license if necessary.
    yet. does the system support UTF-8?

  2. The system prefers 7-bit ASCII. Use HTML character entities to get Unicode characters > 127.

    The problem is the PocketBible program doesn’t have a Chinese font and doesn’t understand Chinese.

  3. Laurentiu Nica says:


    I am very interested in making the Romanian version of the Bible for iPod. I had done previously modules of the above mentioned Bible version for Theophilos Bible software, as well as other simple html implementing on a site. Please let me know how can I do it and if there will be a way we can come up with a plan – maybe to release this version on your site for Romanians too, and we can spread the word in and outside of Romania. I appreciate your time and effort to help out. May the Lord bless you and strenthen you!

    In Christ,

    Nick Laurentiu Nica

  4. Our BookBuilder program creates ebooks for Palm and Pocket PC devices. You don’t need any special software to create products for iPod. However, since the iPod is primarily an MP3 player, the first thing you need is an audio version of the entire Bible. These are subject to copyright just like print editions, so you can’t just do this on your own without the cooperation of the copyright owner of the Bible you’re using.

    If you own the rights to the Romanian Bible or if you are working with the people who do, and if you have audio files of the entire Romanian Bible, then write to us at and we’ll talk to you about creating a Romanian Bible for iPod.

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