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Coming for Christmas: Three New Bible Study Collections

Posted on: December 4th, 2007 by Craig Rairdin 3 Comments

A lady from church emailed me a couple weeks ago to ask about Bible software. Seems my mom’s been bragging up PocketBible for Windows over coffee with her friends, and at least one of them was ready to buy.

This experience just emphasized to me that there’s no longer any age limit on computer users. Computers are easy enough to use that anyone can figure them out. And the costs are so low that just about anyone can afford one. As a result, our Bible software makes a great Christmas gift for just about anyone.

I wanted to let you know about three new collections we have coming out in the next few days. Of course you’ll get all the details by email soon, but I thought you’d appreciate some advance notice for planning purposes.

Our Bronze, Silver, and Gold Editions of PocketBible for Windows will be available on either CD-ROM in a DVD case suitable for wrapping, or a plug-n-play USB “thumb drive” ready to plug in and go. The Bronze Edition contains 13 Bibles and 19 other reference books and devotionals; the Silver Edition, 15 Bibles and 26 other books; and the Gold Edition 17 Bibles and 42 other books. All three include the NIV and NASB, the latter with Strong’s numbers and Strong’s Greek and Hebrew Dictionaries.

There will be some Bibles on here you haven’t seen yet, including the New International Reader’s Version, which is ideal for children or those for whom English is a second language, and classics like the Geneva New Testament and Webster’s Bible. And while other companies load up their CDs with lots of public domain content just to run up their numbers, you’ll find over half the content of our Gold Edition is contemporary titles.

Each CD will entitle the recipient to a free copy of one of our PDA readers (PocketBible for Pocket PC or Windows Mobile Smartphone, MyBible for Palm OS, or a one-year subscription to for iPhone and iPod Touch). We’re in the beta testing phase of our cross-platform synchronization, which will make it possible to share your notes, verse highlights, bookmarks, and devotional reading progress between your PDA and desktop computer, and should have that done in time to include in these collections.

We’re especially excited about the USB flash drive option. When you purchase your new collection on a USB drive you’ll be able to just plug it into a USB port on any computer and starting using PocketBible with no installation required at all. Of course you can install from the USB drive if you want, then either use the USB drive when you’re away from your desktop PC or re-use it for data storage.

So set aside some of your Christmas budget for one of these new collections, which will be announced soon. And don’t forget your mom: My mom says she’ll like PocketBible for Windows in her Christmas stocking this year!

3 Responses

  1. Donald Stidwell says:

    Clapping! Way to go, Laridian. For years I’ve bemoaned the fact that Pocket Bible wasn’t available for the PC, and then you guys go out and do it. I’m loving it – and I’m a Mac user using PB in a virtual machine with Parallels.

    Laridian provides the best resources for the best price imaginable. Nothing else that I’ve found on the PC or Mac matches Laridian’s offerings in scope at their price points on more platforms. (I’ve got the versions for Windows, Windows Mobile and iPhone). You guys never cease to amaze me and it just keeps getting better.

    Thanks Craig and crew – keep up the great work!!

  2. Keith Hibbets says:

    Does anyone know when the Bronze, Platinum and Gold package editions will be available? What will the pricing be? Thanks.

  3. Yes, we know when they’ll be available.

    There is no “platinum” edition — at least not yet. They’re Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Prices are $49, $99, and $199, respectively, which of course is meaningless without knowing the content. Price is the same whether you order on CD, USB flash drive, or download.

    Complete details will come by email.

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