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Posted on: June 28th, 2012 by Michelle Stramel 2 Comments

Free PocketBible Books

We often get asked about what free books are available for use with PocketBible. Here’s a one-stop answer to that question.

We offer a variety of free books in different book categories so you can try the program out and see what it can do as well as build your library. Step one is to make sure you actually own PocketBible (or one of our related readers/software programs). Or in other words, you need a reader even to use the free books we offer.

All versions of PocketBible are free to download. This includes PocketBible for iOS (aka iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), Android OS, Windows PC, Windows Mobile and Palm OS. Laridian Bibles also work with Simple Bible Pro for webOS and Noah Bible Study Viewer for BlackBerry (non-PocketBible programs have to be purchased – see product pages for details).

Once you have PocketBible downloaded for your smartphone, tablet or PC, you can download and access our free books (as well as any titles you purchase). For iOS and Android OS, the books are available to you upon registration automatically. Simply log in to your Laridian account within the program and download them. For other platforms or devices, you must order them on our web site (links are below) to add them to your Laridian account for download.

We can offer these titles free because they are in the public domain (not copyrighted). If you have any suggestions for other public domain titles you’d like to see us publish, let us know in the comments below.

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2 Responses

  1. Obot says:

    I found other bible software has bibles like the Goodnews, Current English Version, LITV,ESV, Gods Word, as free downloads. They also have Commentaries like Clarke, Darby, Complete Matthew Henry, Wesley,etc as free download. They equally offer Dictionaries like ISBE, Strong, Webstar as free downloads. I can not say whether the above listed bibles and books are actually non-copyrighted stuffs. But I do wonder if Laridian can find out how they do it to offer believers such free stuffs.

    I really appreciate Laridian Team. May the Lord further your cause the more. Cheers.

    • Obot,

      Most of the Bibles and books you mentioned are from the 1700’s and 1800’s and so are in the public domain. There are several Bible programs that don’t have the time or money to license more current books that are based on more recent scholarship, so they’re stuck offering only those titles. We’ve found that some of these companies present themselves to publishers as “ministries” and fool naive publishers into giving them free distribution rights for the publisher’s books, even though the companies really are just as “commercial” and “for-profit” as we are. We try to educate publishers about this and we’ve seen a little bit of progress in publishers beginning to treat all software developers more fairly.

      What you will find with Laridian is that we give away many of the same public domain titles as everyone else. WIth respect to those products we charge four, our prices for the vast majority of those products are less than our major competitors, and overall our prices are lower than them on the products we both offer. Like most of the other Bible software companies, our readers are free and we offer a number of free Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries and devotionals to help a person get started with the program and see how it works before they invest in the Bible they use every day and the contemporary reference titles they need to help them understand the Bible better.

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