Synchronization Providers released for PC and Pocket PC versions of PocketBible

Posted on: December 14th, 2007 by Michelle Stramel 12 Comments

If you’ve been waiting for the promised ability to synchronize your PocketBible Pocket PC data with your PocketBible Windows PC data, the wait is over. We have released Synchronization Providers for both programs which will allow you to synchronize user-created data (i.e. notes, bookmarks, highlights, devotional or reading plan progress) between the two PocketBible programs.

If you already own these two programs and would like to take advantage of this new feature (there’s no charge), you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Download and install an updated version of PocketBible for Windows
  2. Download and install an updated version of PocketBible 3 for Pocket PC
  3. Download and install 2 synchronization providers — one for Windows PC and one for Pocket PC

The new versions of PocketBible 3 for Pocket PC (3.050) and PocketBible for Windows (1.08) are already available in your download account. You can simply login to your account and download and run the installation files for both programs to get updated to the latest versions.

The synchronization providers can be downloaded from the links below:

In order for the synchronization providers to install properly, Windows XP Users must have Microsoft Active Sync installed on their PC. And Windows Vista Users must have Windows Mobile Device Center installed on their PC.

If you have any questions or problems, please go to the Help Desk on our Web site and submit a trouble ticket. Please DO NOT submit tech support issues as a comment to this blog article.

Synchronization Providers for iPhone, Windows Mobile-based Smartphone and Palm OS are yet to come. We don’t have specific release dates for you but we’ll keep you informed of our progress.

12 Responses

  1. Roland Reddekop says:

    Being nervous about the future Palm I wonder if the architecture you’re working towards is such that I will be able to sync MyBible notes from my Palm to PocketBible for Windows and then sync that down to PocketBible for Pocket PC. This would give us a migration path if needed, though I plan to hold out with my Palm hoping for better days in the future.

  2. James Abrahams says:

    Well done! Been waiting for this for a very long time!

  3. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Roland: Think of PocketBible for Windows as the central hub. Synchronize your personal data from any device with PocketBible for Windows, and then to any other device. So, yes, when synchronization with the Palm OS devices is available, you’d be able to use it to move your data from the Palm to a Pocket PC (or any other device that we provide synchronization with).

  4. Alan Meyer says:

    Really looking forward to the synchronisation with palm os devices! The comment above regarding the ability to transfer my notes from my Palm Treo to a future possible windows based device is also very helpful!

  5. Mark Knight says:

    Thanks for the work you’ve done in bringing Laridian to my desktop, it’s great.
    Can I ask, I’ve downloaded the synchronization provider and have this operating well between my PC and PDA, what I want to know is when will I be able to read the books I’ve created using the BookBuilder program on my PC as I can everything else?

  6. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Mark asked: “What I want to know is when will I be able to read the books I’ve created using the BookBuilder program on my PC as I can everything else?”

    You already can, if you have the BookBuilder for PocketBible for BookBuilder Professional.

  7. Peter Jamieson (Canada) says:

    Really looking forward for the Palm OS sync provider. Can you give us any kind of a time frame for download availability?

  8. Bill Zimmerly says:

    I too would like to add my voice, er keystrokes, to Peter’s appeal for the Palm Sync soon. This and the availability of Dake’s Notes were the primary reasons for choosing Laradian over the competition. Can you give us some hope and some kind of time frame for when this will be available? 1 week?, 1 month?, 3 months?

  9. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Peter and Bill – I’m busy working on the Palm upgrade that will include synchronization. (Well, actually at this moment, I’m busy answering your question.) As I think Craig previously mentioned, the providers are expected to be available in this order:
    – PocketBible for Pocket PC (already available)
    – iPocketBible (preliminary version being demonstrated at BibleTech 2008 this weekend)
    – PocketBible for WM Smartphone
    – MyBible for Palm OS

    MyBible requires the most work, as it requires both synchronization code (new) and a new data format to support the PocketBible style (html) notes.

  10. Bill Zimmerly says:

    Jeff, can you give us an estimate as to when this will be ready for the Palm? Thanks, – Bill

  11. Jeff Wheeler says:

    As previously noted, the synchronization providers are expected to be available in this order.
    – PocketBible for Pocket PC
    – iPocketBible
    – PocketBible for Windows Mobile Smartphone
    – MyBible for Palm OS

    The first two providers are already available. The PocketBible for Windows Mobile Smartphone provider is expected to be available this month. The MyBible for Palm OS provider will be available after that. Beyond that, I don’t have more specific details to share.

  12. Kathy Hitzfelder says:

    Any estimate when this will be available for Blackberry?

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