PocketBible for iPhone Beta 4 Videos

These demos are done on the iPhone Simulator on the Mac
for ease of recording. The program runs a little slower on an actual iPhone.

Downloading books into PocketBible

Go to a verse

Simple searches

Basic navigation

More Touches and Gestures

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  1. Can’t wait until this comes out but suggestion on the basic navigation is to have option to use allow finger swipes as this is more intuitive to the avg. iphone user.

  2. Hi Craig,

    I am pleased to see the progress on PocketBible. I especially like the ability to hide the menus etc. and provide more space. Well done.

    Do I assume that landscape is also implimented? What about the “swipe” gestures? Do you utilize them too?

    I am SO anxious to get the on my iPod touch. My Palm is slowly giving up the ghost, and I really need this soon. I’m praying for a swift and successful beta/approval cycle.


  3. Craig,

    This is so cool! I can hardly wait to download PocketBible for iPhone. The videos clearly show how much work you and your team have done to deliver the maximum usability in a Bible app for a mobile device. This will make studying the Bible even more inviting. I am deeply grateful that Laridian choose to do the hard work that has produced an app that will delight both believers and non-believers alike. What a great tool for growing God’s Kingdom. May God continue to richly bless your work.

    Warm Regards,


  4. May and Larry, the program uses several swipe gestures. Perhaps I’ll do another video demonstrating those. The problem is that the screen capture tool I use doesn’t visualize swipes very well.

    Swiping from right to left turns the page; left to right turns it back. Swiping from top to bottom or bottom to top switches to another open document. So if you have a Bible and commentary open you can swipe up and down to cycle between them.

    I didn’t show landscape, again because of the limitations of the screen capture program. But yes, the program works great in landscape mode.

  5. Wow – looks like a lot of work has gone into this.

    I have been eagerly awaiting this to be able to use my large Laridian library on the iPhone.

    I am guessing from the above responses that the normal iphone swipe is not available (ie swipe up & down & the text follows your finger)?

    Also is two books or a pop-up going to be implemented (ie for linked verses)?

    Will Landscape be able to be turned off for reading in bed?

    Any word on the price?

    Whoa – sorry I’ll stop there. Thanks for the progress report & teasers!

    I trust God will use this software to encourage & draw people to Himself 🙂

  6. What you describe as the “normal iPhone swipe” is “normal” in some apps but not in others. We use a paginated approach to the text like all the ebook software you’ve seen on the iPhone (Kindle, Stanza, eReader, etc). We use a tap on the right side of the page or a swipe from right to left to turn the page.

    When you tap a link to a verse, we display the verse in your preferred Bible. Rather than a small pop-up with limited context, we display the verse in its context. And just as you have to press something to dismiss a pop-up, you press something (the Back button) to dismiss the Bible text in PocketBible and get back to the reference book from which you originally linked. So the effect is the same but you have a lot more power and flexibility than you would have with a pop-up.

    Similarly, we don’t split the screen. Instead we give you easy and powerful methods to quickly switch between books. If you have a Bible, commentary, and dictionary open you can imagine that the dictionary and commentary are “above” the Bible while you’re reading it. Then just swipe from top to bottom to pull the commentary into view, and again to pull the dictionary into view. I’ll do a video later today to demonstrate that.

    You will be able to lock the orientation in version 1.0.x but not 1.0.0.

    The reader will be free. It will come with all our free content. As an existing customer you’ll have access to all the books and Bibles you already own by simply logging into your account as is demonstrated in the videos. Any new content you purchase on our site will be similarly downloaded into the program.


  7. Craig,
    Wow, nice work this far, it already looks very functional. I especially like paging (rather than scrolling) and being able to maximize the screen. It will be interesting to try the gestures out… will I swipe chapters when I mean to do pages, or wish for a more accessible back gesture when full screen…

    I can’t believe you’re making the reader free… that’s great!
    – nathan

  8. Timothy: The initial release of PocketBible 1.0.0 will not have a way to support user-created content, but doing so will not require any changes to the program — only changes to our server and a way for users to upload and access their content. That means we could do it any time without waiting for Apple to distribute an update to PocketBible. It’s definitely on our list of things to do.

  9. The iPhone app looks really great and I am really anxious. It is obvious a lot of thought and work has gone into the program. I can see from the comments that I don’t need to add anything other than congratulations best wishes for a speedy approval. May God Bless you all for your good work on His behalf as this will surely be a blessing for everyone who uses it.

  10. Outstanding Craig! Looks very well thought out – am so looking forward to using this! I continue to tell everyone why Laridian is my Bible software of choice – both on PC and Mobile Devices.

    And nice writeup on the Economics of Christian Publishing. I hope God enriches you and your team very well for the hard work, and the right way, you have approached this effort. Great Job!

  11. Wow – free I am impressed. Once the categoryys for notes & bookmarks are implemented I can do away with my OliveTree program.

    Thanks so much for all this work – just have to convince you guys to do an Apple Version now!

    Oh two more questions – will bible refs in notes be clickable to go to the verse? Will copy & paste be able to put verses in notes?

    After mulling it over I think you’ve made the right decision (funny that!) about the pagination. Although it doesn’t have the ‘wow’ factor of scrolling it might be easier once one gets used to it 🙂

  12. Adam: User annotation won’t be in 1.0.0 but will be in 1.0.x. Once they’re implemented, yes, you’ll be able to click on a Bible reference and yes, you’ll be able to copy and paste verses into your notes.

  13. From one Craig to another, terrific work. I have been patiently waiting, and now I am very, very excited to see it getting so close! This is the last app I am hoping to get on my iPhone to make the transition from my Palm complete. You have obviously taken great pains to ‘get it right’ and provide a product that will be used by thousands, if not millions! (I like to think big!!)
    Again, kudos for your progress so far, and best of luck in your launch!

  14. Will you be able to show more than one book at a time on the same screen as in the Windows version?
    I love this feature as well as syncing the 2 or 3 books together.
    I’m really looking forward having your Bible software on the iPhone – Thank You!

  15. Terry: We may do multiple windows in the future. One of the things we may ask you to bear with us on is adjusting to the differences between a device you operate with a stylus and one you operate with your finger. In order to keep the program as simple to understand and use as possible we try to avoid having multiple, complex gestures to operate it. And as we add more complexity to what you see on the screen (splitting it 2, 3, or more times) we have to define more and more multi-finger and multi-tap gestures to operate on it. And those gestures become harder to do within the confines of a small window.

    On top of that, we have our experience on our Windows Mobile platform, where we’ve gone from being able to have an unlimited number of windows open, to giving the option of having one maximized window. We’re finding that users really like this mode of operating.

    We make it easy on the iPhone app to switch between open books and to keep all your Bibles and commentaries synchronized to the same verse. Try that for a while and see how it works. We will, too, and see if multiple windows makes sense in the future.

  16. I used to use a pocketpc until the iPhone came out. I’ve been waiting for this since that time and I’m very excited. God bless on your work!

    Will you evetually include the Bible Reading Plans in this, as well. I’m hoping so!

    Thank you again!

  17. Hi Chris
    New to iPhone today but have a big PalmOS Laridian Library – will we be able to use or migrate titles purchased for Palm to PocketBible on the iPhone?

  18. Greg: The reading plans are in there. Version 1.0.0 will not let you track reading progress nor set a new start date (all reading plans start on January 1). But those features will be added soon.

    Paul: All the books you own for your Palm will be available to you in PocketBible for iPhone.

  19. Hi Craig,

    This is truly amazing! God bless you guys real good. I can’t wait to have this installed on my new iPod Touch. I have lots of books I’ve bought from Laridian over the years and installed on my iPaq PDA and Laptop. If I can transfer this onto my iPod, I’ll have one less gadget to carry around with me. Looking forward to being notified of the eventual release on Apple Store. Ike

  20. wow truly well done and very well thought out. I also like the paging rather than scrolling, and the full screen is great. switching between versions is also very well done.

    I assume you can “synchronize” where you are when for example you jump between NIV and NASB to compare the verses?

    Also, within one book version, if lets say I am on chapter 12 of John, and I jump to another book like say Acts, then jump back to John, will I be taken back to my previous place in ch 12, or will it always take me back to ch 1 of John? I find it extremely helpful being able to go back to the same place I was previously on within that book. It helps me keep track of my progress easily.

    thanks and God bless your amazing work for advancing the kingdom.

  21. George: You can either constantly synchronize, so that whatever Bible you are currently looking at drives the location of all your other Bibles and commentaries, or you can do one-time synchronization to a particular verse.

    If you are looking at John 12 and follow a link to Acts, you can use the “Back” button to go right back to where you were in John 12.

    Also, if you are in the NIV reading in John 12 with “synchronize mode” turned off, then go to the NASB and do some reading in Acts, when you get back to the NIV it will still be in John 12. If you turn on synchronization, though, the two Bibles will stick to the same verse. So when you go to Acts in the NASB it will cause your NIV to also go to Acts.

    In either case, the Back button always takes you back to right where you were.

    Hopefully this helps.

  22. thanks Craig, that does help clear it up.

    just a follow up on that same question, if I am at John 12, then navigate to Acts 3, and then do a “BACK” to get back to John 12, is there something like a “FORWARD” to go back again to Acts 3?

    I guess another way to ask this would be, is there a saved history of say the last 10 verses you jumped to that would enable you to jump to any of those quickly?


  23. There is both a Back and a Forward function. Right now it’s easier to get to Back than it is to Forward, but both are there. I don’t know the depth of the history queue. It’s at least 10 but is probably more like 25 to 50.

  24. Awesome looking. Will it have a landscape mode? Also a cover flow like iTunes has for it’s album search would be awesome too for a sideways flic & find book search.

  25. This looks really awesome–one question. Since I will no longer scroll with finger swipes how do I get text on the screen that might be on two pages? Some times I want to cut and paste a section (I assume I can do that) into another area or email???

  26. West: Cover flow is coming in a future release. Landscape orientation works fine.

    Vince: Copy & Paste is coming in a future version, coincident with support for user-created notes.

    The plan is to get this version approved then start doing updates on a regular basis until the full feature list is implemented. We’ll announce what features are coming in each update as we go along.

  27. I am so excited to see this!!! Thank you so much. I know that many hours and dollars have gone into this project. And yet I see you are going to make the app free. So for those of us who have previous version Bibles and books there will be no outlay of cash to be back up to speed. Very gracious on your part! That said, I want to express my appreciation and joy to have this program as a resource again and so I will buy a book/version just because in order to show my support! I challenge others to do the same!

  28. Sounds like a good challenge to me! 😉
    Who’s up for the challenge to help propagate the Word?

    Thanks again Craig and supporting staff for making this happen!

    God bless your efforts!

  29. Hey, Craig!

    The iPhone version looks great! Almost makes me want to buy an iPhone, but I’m too invested in my WM device. Makes me wonder though, when the original PocketBible version might see some of those cool new features (9 touch zones, hideable icon bar).

  30. Anxiously awaiting… Recently went to the iPhone from years of PPC and really appreciate not having to purchase the Bibles all over again. THANK YOU for the work.

  31. Craig…and everyone else…you have done an outstanding job. I can’t wait. Two questions:

    1. Are the file sizes for the iPhone books comparable to WM file sizes?
    2. Will we be able to highlight? And can our highlights be synced to our Laridian account?

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  32. The iPhone books are the WM files. So the size is the same. All our products called “PocketBible” use the same files. MyBible (Palm OS) uses the same files, too, but they’re inside of a Palm database so they’re a little bigger to account for the overhead.

    Yes, you will be able to highlight verses.

    As I’ve said before, synchronization of user-created data like highlights is not in 1.0.0 but will be in a later version.

  33. Fantastic! I can’t wait to show this to the iPhone users in my circle of friends. Make sure you let us know when it’s available, but I’ll be hitting refresh on that search on iTMS.

    I’m especially happy that the content I bought under the Palm license is going to carry over to the iPhone. I think this speaks volumes about your commitment to your customers. Glad you moved into iPhone dev in a big way.

  34. Oh it looks like I am the only one who just LOVES the scrolling text on my Windows Mobile.

    I would have thought an advanced machine like the iPhone/Touch would have a feature like this because it is so intuitive – it is to me anyway. Once you adjust the scroll speed to your personal reading speed, you can just read to your heart’s content without the distraction of having to “operate the computer”!

    Craig, it is possible some future release might include scrolling? (please)

  35. Like I said elsewhere, if you don’t see a particular feature, just wait. We released 1.0.0 as quickly as we could, now we’re planning regular updates once this version is approved. We’ll add new features with each update and let you know what we’re putting in each one as it comes out.

  36. Verrrrrry Coooool! one Q: for those of us who are “ocularly challenged”, will there be a two-fingered gesture for zooming text/font size?

  37. This is absolutely awesome. I have been waiting for this application to be released. This is everything I was expecting and much more. Thank you for your hard work and commitment.

  38. Looks like I can now leave the Palm behind. But will a 32 GB iPod touch be sufficient, or should I spend the extra money for a 64 GB? I don’t anticipate using it for much more than my Laridian Bibles and Commentaries.

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