Laridian and COVID-19

We don’t think it’s necessary for Laridian to add to the noise regarding the Chinese Coronavirus Disease, COVID-19, so we’re not sending out one of those annoying emails that you’re getting from everyone from your bank to your plumber. And we’re not going to preach to you or send you an ad for our products thinly disguised as “spiritual encouragement in these challenging times” as our competitors are doing. But I would like you to know how we’re dealing with this crisis.

I like to say we’ve been practicing social distancing professionally since 1998. Laridian began its life that year as a purely virtual corporation. We had no brick-and-mortar location. While we have an office now, overlooking the downtown city park in historic Marion, IA, our work-from-home roots are part of our DNA. Our employees and contractors regularly work at home or offsite. There is no physical object, service, or capability at our office that is critical to our functioning. I’ve asked everyone to work from home for a bit while I continue to work from the office. (My wife, who works as a legal assistant and has also been asked to work from home, is joining me at the office for a change of scenery.) So in short, you’re right to not be worried about us.

Those of us who minister to others face some unique challenges during this time. Laridian isn’t in a position to solve any of those problems, but we can help a little bit by continuing to find new resources for PocketBible to aid in your ministry, and looking even harder for opportunities to save you money.

That’s what we’re doing, and what we’re going to continue to do despite the pandemic.

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