I’m Done Answering QuickVerse Questions

Update – September 26, 2015 – This is the most popular article on our blog, believe it or not. I wrote this in 2007 and people are still coming here, looking for QuickVerse support. If you’re here you need to just give up on your old version of QuickVerse. Time has left you behind. 🙂


I get several emails every month from people running QuickVerse 4 and needing help to install it on a new machine, or to install some add-on product. Or they want to know where to find a particular QuickVerse 4 Bible, CD, or other related program.

I’ve made a decision tonight to just be done with that topic. Laridian has its own Bible software for Windows now, so there’s no need for anyone to keep using QuickVerse.

I sold all my interest in QuickVerse to Intuit coincident with the sale of Parsons Technology to Broderbund in 1994. QuickVerse 4 (the most popular version of QuickVerse) came out in 1996 I think. I left Parsons Technology in 1998. It’s been about that long since tech support was available for QuickVerse 4 from its current owner. That’s a long time.

I used to have a QuickVerse 4 patch at my website but I took it down in 2014. It’s past time to move on. Both for me and for die-hard QuickVerse customers.

Until 2007 there wasn’t a good option for people who liked the old QuickVerse programs. Now there is. I’m ready to retire from the QuickVerse support business. I don’t really remember anything about that program anyway. 🙂

— Craig

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  1. I remember doing tech support and people would call in running Mac OS 9.2.2 (or 8.6, even!). All the while 10.3 was flourishing. I can understand being comfortable with a user interface. But really, there’s a time to let go and move on to bigger and better things.

  2. could you help me out i got quickverse on my old computer which is xp i try to put it on my new one buy want go my new window is a vista do they have a quickverse software for window vista thank you

  3. I still have my QV4 CD, but I have long since moved on. QV7 was OK, but OV 8 and 9 were bad, and it took 5 years to go from 7 to 8. QV11 (2007) is pretty good. However, as I said in an earlier post, my QV and Logos may gather dust now that PB/Windows is out. PB/Windows is much faster and easier to use.

    Laridian has the best overall combination. QV’s mobile version has a lot of problems, not to mention few resources. Nelson, a Logos user, has eBible, but it’s not that great. A couple of other PDA-based programs work well but have only old, public-domain books.

  4. Bruce,

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I was just reading your note and you really nailed our position in the market. You’re right that PocketBible for Windows beats QuickVerse and Logos for speed and simplicity. Our PDA products have more resources that QuickVerse PDA, is overall better than eBible, and the rest have mostly old public domain books. Overall you can’t beat Logos for the size of their library but then how many commentaries does a person really need? Nevertheless, we’ll be announcing some content deals soon that will quickly double the size of our reference book line. Thanks for your kind remarks.

  5. Craig,
    I was one of those old “die hard” fans (both of the movies and QuickVerse 4) ;-). I’ve bought several new machines in the past umpteen years and yes, I moved QV4 from machine to machine. But, I support your decision to quit answering questions.
    I bought a Dell Axim Pocket PC several years ago and have had Laridian for the Pocket PC for at least four years now. And, with the advent of Pocket Bible for the PC, you are right — there is no need for me to be running QV4 anymmore. I kept the old program because sometimes I’m in a hurry, and I want to simply look up and or copy something without the issues related to firing up my other Bible program.
    I’m enjoying Pocket Bible for the PC tremendously and the ease of use is wonderful (it’s like an old friend).

  6. Wow, Dale Durnell, that’s a blast from the past. I used to swear by your macros for qv4 and Word Perfect. Now I use neither. I did get here looking for a solution for using qv6 on my new vista machine though. I’m getting an error that qvedit.ocx, or something like that, wasn’t found. BUT, I certainly don’t expect craig to suppport it. My problem with “moving on” to newer programs has to do with CONTENT! When I switch to a non Quickverse, or at least a not STEP version of Bible Software, what happens to my investment in books that were purchased to run on that platform? I think that is why people hang on to the old so long. It’s not so much about the old application, but the books run into some serious money, too much to just blow off when the application becomes obsolete.

  7. No wonder you are through answering QV questions. It stinks! Due to a dearth of Bible software for the Mac I purchased QV black box while I wait (im)patiently for Logos to offer their Mac Version (hopefully before the rapture). Anyway, the software doesn’t seem to work on my MacBook.I just hope the store will take it back.
    Please, oh, please, Mr. Wizard, we Mac-ites desperately need you! Don’t make me get a petition…I’ll do it!

  8. After Jeff and I got out is when it got bad. QV4 was the last good version, and that’s the version I get questions about. Just got another one today, even with the blog post here and at my personal site.

    One of the things I fear about the Mac is having to treat it as a primary platform, like Windows. It means we’d have to port not only PocketBible but all the synchronization technology (yes, I know, you haven’t seen that yet, but you will and it’s non-trivial). And while all the mobile platforms sync with the PC through standard interfaces, they don’t all talk to the Mac.

    We’ll see.

  9. Actually Craig, IMHO, 4.0 was *THE* really great 16bit version. However, Ver 5.1 (note the “.1”) was still a pretty good 32 bit release. But there never was much need or value received to move up beyond that — after you left, it all went downhill (even the last of the Parsons versions).

  10. Okay so these are the realities of life and time.

    All I want to know is has anybody successfully installed Quickverse 4g on Vista? It doesn’t matter which version it is to me; what I need are hightlights and notes. Two things that make that old version 4 software so valuable. It’s the features not the version that are so good.

    Thanks again Craig for all your hard work. Since version 4g, I too have married off three children! After trying Vista, I am now migrating to MAC. So there it goes again.

  11. Version 4g worked on Vista for me when it was carried over in a Vista upgrade from XP. But it doesn’t seem to be the same with a clean install. After installing Vista in a new laptop, I couldn’t get Quickverse to open, even with the compatibility wizard. If someone can confirm that it does in fact work with Vista, I can take it from there.

    On the other hand, I am very interested in doing the same thing Craig’s done from the user standpoint–like…moving on. So I plan to have a close look at PocketBible. If it’s all the same and then some, that’s the better solution.

  12. I totally respect Craig’s decision. So…is anyone else able to help me install QV4 on my new machine? My old machine crashed and I can’t prove to my QV4 upgrade software that I ever purchased an earlier version. It says it can’t find my qvwin.ini file.

    I am not trying to rip off the old Parsons. I bought a number of QV versions – including one I disliked so much I never used. I just sent a friend to check out PocketBible, so at least I’m showing my appreciation to Craig for this page in that way!

  13. I’ve owned QV2 for DOS, QV4, QV6 (with Greek) and QV8. All these years later I still use QV4 daily, and QV6 only for the Greek. I only use 8 if I need commentaries. Craig, QV4 was definitely the best.

    QV4 and 8 installed OK on my new Vista machine, but 6 won’t (the “QVEDIT failed to register” message). I can use Greek on my XP laptop but not my desktop.

    Like Stephen, I totally understand why Craig doesn’t want to spend time supporting old software from a company he is not a part of. Is there anybody who knows how to deal with the QVEDIT.OCX error?

    I bought Laridian bible for my Palm, but I no longer use a Palm, just a laptop.

  14. I just looked at the new Laridian bible software and it looks great, except… no Greek bible. Any plans for a Greek NT? the last good thing QuickVerse did was have a greek version in V6. If there was a greek Bible I would definitely buy Laridian. Thanks.

  15. The “QVEDIT failed to register” message is solved in Vista, at least for qv6 by right clicking the Quickverse icon on your desktop and selecting Properties then choosing the Compatabiity tab and ticking Run this program as an administrator. After this Quickverse seems to launch OK. I can’t claim any credit for this – I found it on another website and tried it and it worked.

  16. There are some interesting comments here about the different versions of QV. And I thought I should add my own.

    My first experience with QV was version 6.0, running on Win 98SE, and later on XP. It was great for what I needed it for. Recently, though, I upgraded to a new laptop to bring with me to Afghanistan, with Vista. QV 6.0, I later found out, is completely incompatible. And there is no “fix” for it. So I purchased QV2007 basic(ver.11), and loaded it with the maintenance upgrade available from the QV website. There were also some instructions to change the compatibility on two program files . After completing this “maintenance,” I was able to import all the books I had previously purchased with QV6.0, and have access to a large library now.

    I couldn’t bring my large hardbound library with me to Afghanistan, so this electronic library has been good to me.

    However, reading the comments here, I think I’ll check out the Pocket Bible program now.


  17. I am STILL using Quickverse 3.0d which was the freebee GIVEN AWAY with the KJV in the early 1990’s! I took my old disk and burnt it to a Cd. I have installed it and it has worked on every OS, including Vista, w/o fail or need to hack. As a Pastor who does A LOT of publishing with large amounts of Scripture quoted, it is so quick to get verse I am looking for in a format I can paste into whatever I am writing in mere seconds. I have had more modern packages over the years and still use them, but when it comes down to getting to a verse quickly and ease of use, QV 3 leaves everyone of them in the dust. I know you have claimed to end support, but would be interested in knowing if anyone knows the legality of copying it for others since it was a FREE version.

  18. Even though QV3 was given away free, that does not change its copyright status. Giving something away does not put it into the public domain, nor does it make it “fair use” for another person to give it away.

    However, there was probably some kind of license agreement that you may still have either as part of the program documentation or one of the files on your CD. It may allow you to distribute it. I don’t remember. I doubt it, though, as when we gave something away it was usually in exchange for an email address or other contact info, which we would then use to market products to the person.

    If you want to get permission to give away QV3, contact Findex. They’re the current owners. http://www.findex.com.

  19. How ironic! The post states that Craig is no longer supporting QuickVerse, and half the comments on said post are asking for support for QuickVerse from Craig. Do commenters actually read the post on which they are commenting? Sometimes I doubt it. :o)

  20. Craig, congratulations on moving on – I know it is hard on the one hand, but very necessary on the other. And thank you for the blog – because you provided it, you also provided Bob Bishop the opportunity to answer my ‘support question’! Bob, thanks for the insight – it worked equally well for QV7.

  21. And a full YEAR after Craig’s post some of use are on occasion still coming across it fresh.

    I dunno if I ever actually sent an original Thank You for the 4.0g patch Craig, but here ’tis.

    (Yes, I still use QV4 …and a simply copy of the 4.0g patched version from an XP machine to a Vista machine, keeping the exact same folder structure & naming – though with the Vista UAC turned off – and I imagine it will keep me for a few more years.)

    But when it no longer suffices, I’m glad to hear that you’re working at Laridian, and I’ve got a current option from the guy who wrote the best.

  22. So should I just THROW OUT my Quickverse 6 expandededition, seeing Vista can’t install it? How do I get the benefit of the money spent andall the titles now? Anyone?

  23. QuickVerse 6 is about 10 years old. Certainly you’ve gotten your money’s worth after ten years of use. And you certainly don’t expect software to run forever, as the operating systems and hardware are updated.

    I think if you’re not going to upgrade the product as the company releases new versions you can’t expect your version to continue to work forever.

    And of course, you’re not going to make any progress by posting here. This is a Findex issue and you need to talk to them.

  24. Amazingly, I managed to install it today by opening the files/folders and clicking setup, then following the advice of someone here, doing the install via the administrator route. It worked and I just copied all three disks onto the harddrive. Praise the Lord!

  25. I to am a user of QV5. Upgrading to Vista I had problems with UAC. I solved it by downloading TweakUAC and setting UAC to quite Mode, QV5 to administrator. Turned off UAC to install. It now works with UAC on!

  26. Thanks Craig for your support through the years. I kept my Quickverse current through version 10 (2006) I did get your patch for ver. 4 and am still using it on VISTA. I am just now reponding to your post because I would never have expected you to still be supporting a product from a company you are no longer a part of. I confess that I still like the UI of QV 4.0 best.

  27. Craig, I just happened to stumble onto this Web site and was surprised to see your name. No, I haven’t bothered you with QV questions since Parsons was sold to Broderbund but probably would have had I known how to reach you. SMILE! The reason I’m writing? I still remember how wonderful you and your staff were in the Parsons days: always helpful, always courteous, always kind, always going the extra mile to help. I still think kindly of those of you that I dealt with then, and I just wanted to say “thank you” one more time.

  28. Any chance that Laridan will implement some of the features of QV4 into their Bible software? Although I bought several versions after QV4, I never liked them and kept going back. Now that I’ve moved up to a 64 bit Windows 7 machine, QV4 doesn’t run on my new machine. I’ve tried the newer versions of QV, Laridan’s software, e-Sword, and several others, and they all miss a few key features that I loved in QV4:

    1) I used a Word add-in that allowed me to easily paste multiple verses into Word documents (like Sunday School lessons). For instance, if I run the macro (which I assign to a key combination) and type “lk 6.36; 1 pet 1.15-16; 1 jn 4.7-8”, it’ll insert those verse. It’s much more cumbersome and time-consuming with Laridan and any of the other aternatives.

    2) The ability to quickly and easily jump to a verse by hitting a key combination and typing the reference, like “lk 6” or “1 jn 4.7”. With most, you now have to select the book, select the chapter, and select the verse. Much more time-consuming.

    3) A powerful search option, particularly combining complex keyword searches with Naves topics. Nothing else comes close.

  29. 1) That Word add-on feature was a real pain to maintain. Microsoft changed how it worked with each upgrade and changed the technology we used to interact with other programs. This is not a feature I would look to do in the future. I believe you can script any app to do what you want, though. I just haven’t investigated how to do it.

    2) You can just type “lk 6” or “1 jn 4.7” and PocketBible for Windows will go there. You don’t have to hit any buttons first. Just start typing. You can also issue commands from the keyboard like “copy john 3.16” to copy verses to the clipboard, or “find jesus” to find all verses in which “jesus” occurs.

    3) The search feature that used Nave’s topics was a bit of a weird one. It dates back to the days when every new piece of content became a feature of the program, rather than treating all content like a book on a shelf that could be opened alongside other books. It would be convoluted to do something like that today. Our PocketBible program, however, does allow you to search only verses in a particular bookmark category, or those you’ve highlighted in a particular color. It also supports searching for Strong’s numbers, or English words only when they’re translated (or not translated) from a particular Strong’s number. You can use character wildcards like “[sp]aul” to find “Saul” or “Paul” but not “haul”. It does AND, OR, NOT, and XOR Boolean operators, and WITHIN for proximity searching. It’s as sophisticated as any other Bible program with the exception of doing Greek and Hebrew language searches.

    Thanks for your interest.

  30. Hi Craig, I have been pastoring at my current church for 11 years but I still get calls from members of previous churches I pastored. It is not frequent and never about their current pastor or church but sometimes with the bond we shared it nice to talk to an old friend. This sounds very dramatic I know, but I have used QV4 everyday for many years, preparing thousands of sermons and lessons with it. It is like a friend. It is not easy letting go. When I upgraded to windows 7 64bit and realized it wouldn’t work anymore, it was like loosing an old friend. Thanks for your years of hard work. It has blessed more people than you will know on this side of things!

  31. G’day Craig,
    Thanks for producing such excellent Bible software over the years; as a pastor I have been using it virtually every week.
    Like some of the earlier commenters on this topic, I bought QV3 way back in 1996, soon ‘patched’ it to QV4.0g, and have moved it from ‘puter to ‘puter as I’ve upgraded them over the years. Currently it’s running without a hitch on my Win7 netbook at home. So from Win95 to Win98SE to WinXP to Vista to Win7… will it never stop working?!! Brilliant!
    Nice to see that you have now produced PB… ready for me to purchase when I have the need. But at this stage QV4 continues to do the trick, and give me the best value for money out of *any* software I’ve ever purchased.
    Thanks again,

  32. I’m a firm believer in moving on to bigger and better (or just better) things. However, here it is in 2010 and I have yet to find a compelling reason to discard QV 4.0 and move on. I’ve tried QV 5.0, 6.0 and 9.0, hoping to find something at least equal to the ease, functionality and performance of QV 4.0 – but I’ve been unsuccessful. The UI of 4.0 simply outshines and outperforms all of its successors. I see it in a way how Windows tries to keep up with the Mac OS and has been trying to do so for two decades. Now I’m both a Mac and PC user. I own an Intel-based Mac and run VMWare so I can run Windows. And there are only two reasons why I even need to run Windows – one is Outlook for e-mail and the other is QuickVerse 4.0. And I have had no issues whatsover running QV 4.0f on XP or Vista. I’m just glad that when I bought QV 4.0 way back when (in 1997 I think), that I bought the deluxe version with quite a few translations. The only two translations I wish I could add are the ESV and The Message and since both came out well past QV 4.0, I guess I’m just out of luck unless there’s a way to convert the STEP version of those translations (which I have) into a format QV 4.0 can read. All that is to say, I’ve tried to move past the rock solid performing QV 4.0, but 13 years later, there’s just no complelling reason to do so. Craig, all I can say is thanks for creating QV 4.0!

  33. Craig,

    Thanks for your support for the many years that you did past your employ there.

    I recently bought a new computer with Windows 7 Pro.

    With Pro and above you can go to the Microsoft website and download free, the software to install virtual XP on the Windows 7 computer.

    After you put on Virtual XP, you can install QV4 along with the patch. It runs just like it did on the XP and before computers.

    I saw this in a discussion on the internet the other day.

    I hope this helps.


  34. I wanted to second what Larry said. I just built a new machine with Windows 7 professional 64 on it and couldn’t use QV4. I tried to use other programs including Laridian’s PC software but it wasn’t the same. The solution was to download Virtual XP and now QV4 is working like a charm. Life is good again.

  35. Have searched your past responses but haven’t found a comment to this request. Any chance of incorporating the INDEX Tab feature of the old QV4 in the PocketBible for Windows. Recently purchased your Laridian PB, but the Bookmark tab is just not as fast and effecient as copying the entire passage to a chosen index with CTRL+E and then pasting the entire index to your clipboard or printer.

    As so many others I have been a user of Quickverse since it was DOS-based. I have missed the INDEX feature of QV4 in EVERY pc-based Bible program I have purchased including PC Study Bible 5 and Quickverse 2011.

    Thanks for your continued work in good solid Bible Software!

  36. Danny,
    HOW!? I miss my QV 4 and it won’t run on windows XP. Purchased the QV 8 and it is so inferior I don’t even use it. Wasted my money. How do I run it with windows Xp? Thanks !

  37. Narita,

    I updated the post to give the correct link to QuickVerse 4.0g. You should install QuickVerse 4 on your XP machine, then download QuickVerse 4.0g and run it. It will update your already-installed version of QuickVerse to the final version of the program, which runs on XP.

    If you have trouble you’re on your own.

    For Bible software for Windows that was written in this century and will run fine on XP and has tech support and has hundreds of new reference books available for it, see http://www.laridian.com.

  38. I’m also a QV4 user that wont let it go despite the newer versions.

    Since the program runs independently without support files in the Windows directory, I copy and transfer all the contents in its home directory to a new computer and a backup device without having to re-install it.

    It will only need a new link, changes in the “options” Menu, and a new “Desktop.”

    I run the program in XP and Vista without re-installing. My directory is “Program Files/Bible1/” or “Program Files/QVerse4/.”


  39. Craig,

    Thank you immensley for answerign so many questions for so many of us. Thanks for the 4.O especially. It was by far the best program ever. I’m lost now, but I really was thankful for your 4.0 Quickverse. Thanks again!

  40. Craig,

    Thanks for making your QuickVerse 4.0g updater available. I recently purchased QuickVerse 4.0 (just to get a searchable NIV 1984 edition – not available anywhere online due to the Committee on Bible Translation’s policy). QV4 wouldn’t open the “Go To Verse” dialog box until I installed your patch. I really appreciate your help.

    God bless,

    – Tim

  41. Yes – QuickVerse 4.0 is the best – it is so sad to think I can’t use it on Windows8.
    How many people throw a Bible away?
    I guess with technology now – you can’t get attached to anything that is digital.
    It will soon be non-supported .
    Thank God – the Word of God never changes! 🙂

  42. I also found QV4 to be the best Bible app out there. Once a PC snob, I have now completely moved from PC to Mac. Options for Bible software on Mac are pretty bad. I am in the Biotech industry, and our market research numbers show 20% are using Mac’s now, but maybe this is industry specific. Would love to have QV on Mac…someday!

  43. Craig:

    It’s now 2013 and I keep two laptop running XP just for Quickverse 4.0f. Do you know if the source code for Quickverse 4.0f could be purchased for purposes of an open source project? There might be enough people loyal to 4.0f who would donate money. If it became an open source project for Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit) and later versions of Windows as they come along, it would make a lot of people very happy. I have several Bible packages and none of them are as efficient, effective and direct as 4.0f. Nothing in it needs to be changed. Zero! We just want 4.0f to run under Windows 7 and later just like it did under Win95. 4.0f is still a home run.

  44. Lacking tech knowledge, I need to know how to get QV 4 on my computer to work without the disc inserted. I do have Qv4 downloaded with the qv4gup link in place. What is the copyright status of this program if nobody is supporting it?I still need help.

  45. Thank you so much for the work you have done by keeping QV available. I’ve been using it for some time now. Tried others, but I think I will stay with my QV. We all need to stop for awhile and smell the roses, and reflect on the the good things. What I have seen, you have done very well, thanks!

  46. I’m still using it delightfully, and I’m grateful for what you did. It’s still the very best of all…fastest for bible referencing. May the Lord bless your labors.

  47. What a hoot. I spent 20 yrs making systems for all the three letter acronyms other than DEA. That’s after a long stint with amdahl.

    Now I know how all those DOD guys and gals felt when I told them they were trying to get blood from a turnip.

    What goes around comes around.

  48. Hey Craig, hope you are still there…quick question..cna I use QuickVerse 4.0g patch to use the old version on a new computer. I am considering purchasing a new computer. I really like Quickverse 4.0, yeah call me a diehard…it’s simple and has the Hebrew and Greek synchronized.I have used other versions of Quickverse…they had information overload! Help a diehard…please! Really need to update I am using windows xp now….old!

    1. Hi Iris,

      I used to get several emails every month from people running QuickVerse 4 and needing help to install it on a new machine, or to install some add-on product. Or they wanted to know where to find a particular QuickVerse 4 Bible, CD, or other related program.

      Seven years ago, I made a decision to just be done with that topic. Laridian has its own Bible software for Windows now, so there’s no need for anyone to keep using QuickVerse. If LIFEWAY wants to support their product, they can do it. I’m not going to do it anymore.

      It’s been TWENTY years now since I sold all my interest in QuickVerse to Intuit coincident with the sale of Parsons Technology to Broderbund. It’s been EIGHTEEN years now since QuickVerse 4 (the most popular version of QuickVerse) came out. It’s been almost SEVENTEEN years now since I left Parsons Technology. It’s been about that long since tech support was available for QuickVerse 4 from its current owner. That’s a long time. Microsoft is on its SIXTH OR SEVENTH version of Windows since then. I’ve married off three daughters and one son since then. I’ve had six grandchildren since then. QuickVerse has been owned by at least FIVE OR SIX different companies since then.

      It’s PAST time to move on. Both for me AND for die-hard QuickVerse customers.

      Until SEVEN YEARS AGO there wasn’t a good option for people who liked the old QuickVerse programs. Now there is. I long-ago retired from the QuickVerse support business. I STILL don’t really remember anything about that program anyway.

      Sorry I didn’t make all this clear in the article you read. Hope this helps.

  49. Greetings,

    The version I have been using of QuickVerse is running excellently!

    I have been using the QuickVerse 2011 version for writing projects. I recently asked Lifeway for permission to reprint my work using this version and I was told I needed to go to the original publisher to get permission.

    Copyright & Permission on the disk states: The Holy Bible, King James Version Electronic Edition STEP Files Copyright © 1998, Parsons Technology, Inc., all rights reserved.

    Are you able to give me permission to reprint if I note this in the title page? How do I get permission to reprint using QuickVerse?

    Apostle Julie Hartigan, Rev.
    Bible Study and Books Nonprofit

    1. What Lifeway is trying to say is that you don’t need permission from the software developer to quote from the content of the books that are viewed in the software. What you need to do is find the copyright message for the book you’re quoting from, then contact that party for permission.

      In the case of the King James Bible, the text is in the public domain. Only the electronic files are copyrighted. You don’t need permission from anyone to quote from the KJV.

  50. Dear Craig,

    Thanks again for all your hard work on behalf of the body of Christ over the years and now with Pocket Bible! Since I posted the instructions above on how to use QuickVerse 4.0 with Windows 7 and 8, the document has been downloaded over 600 times, and has become my most frequently downloaded document. So I’ve wondered about why I myself and others as well have so wanted to keep using QuickVerse 4.0 long after its life span should have run out. You said it’s time to move on. I have moved on. I use many Bible software programs including: Bible Analyzer, Bible Companion with Gramcord, The Bible Library, BibleWorks 9, e-Sword, Gospel Parallels, iLumina Bible, Interlinear Scripture Analyzer, Logos 5, Online Bible, PocketBible, QuickVerse 7 and 10, The Sword, The Word and WORDsearch 10. Most of these have unique functions that are invaluable. Bible Analyzer has the best audio functions for hearing Bibles read. Gramcord still has the most sophisticated and reliable Greek & Hebrew grammatical search capabilities. BibleWorks is best for on the fly exegetical work with a wide range of original language modules that come prepackaged with the program. e-Sword has a huge library of user made modules and is very user friendly. iLumina Bible—now defunct—had the best multimedia presentations. Logos 5—albeit the most expensive software—is invaluable for sermon preparation. QuickVerse 10 and its twin sister WORDsearch 10 have invaluable interlinears to work with and again ease of use. Your own PocketBible has ease of use, cross platform capabilities, and I very much appreciate your “Buy It Once and Own it Forever” policy’! But Quickverse 4.0 also had some invaluable functions that no one else has ever duplicated: The ability to enter a whole string of references—up to 10—and then copy them to the clipboard for use in my documents. I’ve asked several of the software companies listed above to duplicate this capacity but to no avail. The ability to do lightning searches on a Greek or Hebrew word, and then copy the results to an Index opened with an English version such as NASB, effectually creating an exhaustive concordance of English verses for a particular word in Greek. I can then copy the Index to the clipboard and paste it into my exegetical or word study documents. I still use this capacity all the time! To use any of the programs above to reduplicate this can take much more time. When I want to find a text and I can’t remember where to find it, QuickVerse 4.0 search capabilities are unsurpassed. I am able to find a verse in Quickverse usually in seconds compared with other programs.

    But more than the functionality, there is another aspect that seems even more relevant. When I entered seminary I purchased an expensive leather NASB Bible, which became my preaching Bible. I used it for 15 years. It has seen me through the toughest times in my life and ministry. It had been the means of bringing to me a growing understanding of the grace and love of Jesus. It has been the means of an intimate friendship with Jesus. The weight of the Bible and the feel of the leather in my hands have become so familiar as I’ve delivered over 700 messages with that Bible. Years of sermon notes are written in the margin of that Bible. In short, that Bible became like an old friend. QuickVerse 4.0 is that Bible to me—only in electronic form. I’ve moved on from that old leather Bible because I moved on to a new translation. But with QuickVerse 4.0 I still have the newer translation available. Please don’t fault any of us for wanting to keep on with an old friend. QuickVerse 4.0 has been one of my primary means for Bible study, sermon preparation, and has been my Bible of choice for reading. I’ve used it now for 20 years. It also has seen me through some of the toughest times in my life and ministry. It has been the means of growing in the my understanding of the love and grace of Jesus. It has brought me to the feet of Jesus time and time again. I have used Quickverse 4.0 in preparation of every sermon I’ve preached and every Bible Study and Sunday School lesson I’ve prepared since entering pastoral ministry. In short, QuickVerse 4.0 has become like an old friend. I hope it will continue to be my companion to the end of my ministry and beyond. One of your selling points for PocketBible is the aforementioned, “Buy It Once and Own it Forever.” For many of us, we wish that same policy had held true for QuickVerse 4.0. Thanks again for all your hard work on the behalf of the body of Christ! May God richly bless you as you continue to develop the PocketBible. No need to reply! Grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ!

    1. Thanks for your comments, Grant. Let me comment on some of the QV4 features you’re missing in other apps:

      The ability to enter a whole string of references—up to 10—and then copy them to the clipboard for use in my documents.

      I run PocketBible for Mac OS X. Command-Shift-C brings up the Copy Passage dialog. I can type as many references as I care to (there’s probably some limit) into the Passage field and press Enter. Instantly, all those verses are on the clipboard. I suspect PocketBible for Windows Desktop works the same way.

      The ability to do lightning searches on a Greek or Hebrew word, and then copy the results to an Index opened with an English version such as NASB, effectually creating an exhaustive concordance of English verses for a particular word in Greek. I can then copy the Index to the clipboard and paste it into my exegetical or word study documents.

      I need to think more about this. I think it would be handy to do something like this in our “Word Autostudy” feature. I can get you close but not quite what you’re looking for.

      When I want to find a text and I can’t remember where to find it, QuickVerse 4.0 search capabilities are unsurpassed. I am able to find a verse in Quickverse usually in seconds compared with other programs.

      You need to try the new search capability in PocketBible for OS X. It simultaneously does exact match, all words, sounds like, and “same root word” searches in about the same time QuickVerse does simple word and phrase searches. PocketBible for Android does the same. On other platforms, the syntax of searching in PocketBible is pretty close to what we used to do in PocketBible.

      Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the program.

  51. First of all THANK YOU Craig for writing a program that is so good that many of us are still using it over 20 years later – including myself. I also understand that it is far past time for you to stop being a victim of your own success.

    A word to those who want to run QV 4.0 on newer windows OSs – the way to do this is to download a VM program such as virtual box (free). Then install Win XP or Win 2k within virtual box. I have been doing this for years and it works great.

  52. Thanks Craig for your years of service! It is over 25 years since you drove to Wartburg Seminary for my first conference! Most of my work these days is in India nd Africa. I still scrounge old legit copies of QV to load on laptops headed overseas.

  53. I realize that Craig is no longer responding to support, but I am hoping someone else might see this and help, as I don’t know where to turn.

    I had QV in the 90’s, upgrading along the way to QV7 (maybe higher, I can’t recall now), and used it until around 2005. I haven’t used Bible software (other than online) since then, but now have time and am teaching again. I understand that QV is outdated and I’ll buy something new (primarily to use on Windows 10), but I am hoping that my several investments in QV add-on books are not lost. I had a few translations, Greek, Wiersbe’s Entire “BE” Series, Origin of the Bible, Works of Josephus, and others.

    If I buy the latest/greatest software, must I re-spend hundreds of dollars to re-license these works as well?

    1. You must purchase the resources you want to use in whatever Bible software you choose. Nobody reads anyone else’s reference book formats. That was possible with STEP back in the 1990’s but that format was abandoned by each of its supporters for different reasons.

  54. Quickverse 4.0f now works on the Apple silicon M1 MacBook by using UTM running windows XP. Previously its been working on intel MacBooks for the last 8 years by using VMware Fusion with windows XP installed. One reason for not using more modern software is my clients have tens of thousands of notes saved in Quickverse and there is no easy way to transfer the notes to another bible program, its just way easier to setup a virtual machine like UTM.

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