Why Your Tech Support Questions Go Unanswered

Have you checked your spam folder lately?

The most common reason that we are unable to help a PocketBible user solve a problem is that they have an over-aggressive spam filter, and it is redirecting all our helpful replies to the user’s spam folder.

This means that not only do they not ever see our answer to their problem, but they won’t see any subsequent email in which we tell them to check their spam folder. This problem happens about once a week. In most cases, the user eventually figures it out. But in the worst cases, they never do. We’ll get a message from them every day or two for a month, then they’ll curse us and give up.

Spam is an Inconvenient Fact of Life

Almost as long as their has been email, there has been spam. Various methods have been implemented to deal with it, but none are perfect. In particular, none of the fully automated methods are any good at all.

What this means is that you must manually go through all your spam every day even if it is being routed to a spam folder. Sorry to say it, but if you don’t do that, you will miss some measurable percentage of your very legitimate email.

That Applies to Us, Too

We hate sorting through spam as much as you do. We’ve been doing this for a very long time and have found the best we can do is install some kind of spam filter, then check its activity every single day. Fortunately the service we use (a link to which you’ll find a link at the bottom of this page) sends us a summary by email each day, so it’s fairly easy to scan in the normal course of business. Every morning, our tech support department gets a list of all the email that has been quarantined by our spam filter. They have to sort through it looking for email from customers. A couple times each week, we find messages that have been incorrectly categorized as spam. We release these from quarantine so that we can answer them.

We Answer ALL Tech Support Emails

If you ever send us a message and don’t get a response, you should immediately be suspicious of your spam folder. This is especially true if you use Yahoo for email. Their filters are very aggressive, to the point of even deleting email rather than delivering it to your spam folder.

We have people monitoring Tech Support tickets 7 days a week, 52.18 weeks per year. We answer every question even if it is just to ask you for more information. If you don’t get an answer from us, check your spam folder.

For Your “Allow” List

We send support email from [email protected], customer service email from [email protected], and marketing email from [email protected]. From time to time we send email to beta testers and VIPs (including any of you who have ever given us a High5!) from [email protected]. You might find it helps to add these to your email server’s “allow” list so that it will always get through. We do the same for you if we receive an email that gets incorrectly categorized as spam.

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Steve Aubrey
Steve Aubrey
1 year ago

I seem to run about one or two good emails in spam monthly. I use Gmail, and get about one spam email a day in my inbox. And yes, I check daily. Glad I get the Laridian gold star (I do, don’t I?)

Thanks again for all your working keeping this going. It is a ministry, and a labor of love.

Jeffrey Crowder
Jeffrey Crowder
1 year ago

I rarely have ever sent tech support e-mail, but in the cases where I have, response has been quick, courteous and helpful! I guess having e-mail on a personal domain with a host that has Christian values and strives for great customer service as does Laridian, really helps in communication via e-mail. I sure hope to get an e-mail soon about beta testing the new windows platform!

Mark VanOuse
1 year ago

I work in the telecommunications industry, in a company that hosts many thousands of customer email accounts…. 99% of all email that travels the earth is the bad stuff: spam, phishing, malware, etc. Everyone should keep an eye on their spam folder at least once a week to check for “false positives” (legitimate email tagged as bad). Most people don’t.

That said, as a long time Laridian customer, I have never once had a problem with the responsivity of the Laridian team.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark VanOuse
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